28 november 2011

Isadora Black galaxy

I have some really busy days behind me. Saturday we had a really big Christmas party with almost 40 guests at home. We prepared for days and it turned out really well. I wore a black dress with flower print and on my nails I had Purple with a purpose on my nails. It matched perfect.
It was really fun also because many of the guests had painted their nails just because they were coming to me. One friend, Johanna, showed me her nails and asked which polish I thought it was. And I guessed it right! Warm and Fozzie from OPI. I was so impressed with myself. And I also realised then how much of a nail polish nerd that I am.

But anyway, over to the polish that I am showing you today, Black glaxy from Isadora. This I had on at the Isadora event last week. It is from their Christmas colelction Red rush and it is the one that caught my attention at once.

This is a black polish with holo glitter. It looks fantastic in the bottle, but on a grey day in November in Sweden the fantastic glitter doesn't really comes alive on the nail. It looks it best at night time, in artificial light. Then it sparkles and I really like the look.

The formula was really good and easy to paint with. I needed two coats for full opacity.

2 kommentarer:

  1. pretty.. it gives the galaxy look without additional dotting of white paints. I like it.

  2. Alltså jag älskar det i flaskan men väl på nageln...inte så fint. Knaggligt som tusan, fick använda 2 tjocka lager topplack för att stå ut. Synd på en sån fin idé.