15 maj 2012

OPI I´m all ears

Time for a polish from the Vintage Minnie Mouse collection. I am dressed in all black and grey today (like most days actually) and felt like some strong pink on my nails to bright things up.

I'm all ears is a bright pink that makes me smile. It is a sheer jelly base with pink and blue glass flecks. This might not be unique, but I think it is beautiful. And it makes my nails stand out.

The formula is a bit sheer and the first layer is a bit hard to control on the nail. It slips right up on the cuticles and I have to do some cleaning up. But the second and third layer is easier. And yes, three coats is needed. There is some visible nail line at three coats but it is okey.

14 maj 2012

Lóréal Color riche Green couture

It is time to test the new nail polishes from Lóréal, a line called Color riche. A friend of mine loves these, she keeps buying one after another, and I can understand her. It is that candy look, all those colors are hard to resist.

Green couture is a grass green creme polish. It is the one that I fell for among those that were sent to me some weeks ago. It is a bright color that pops on the nails. I like this, with the right clothes, it is fun.

The fomula though was a bit thin, but still two coats did the job for opacity.

13 maj 2012

Found some jewels at H&M...

They are smart at H&M. Right where you are standing in line to pay, they have their nail polishes hanging. It is like candy to me, I can't resist. So I had to buy these three. Two blue and one glitter, I especially love the glitter. I can see me doing a beautiful gradient with it.

Nail him, Confetti, Notoriously beautiful.

12 maj 2012

Zoya Luna

Silver is my thing. It suits me much better than gold. So Zoya Luna with a light grey jelly base and silver glitter did caught my attention.

I think I can wear glitter to any occasion. Well, almost anyway. And I think Luna from Zoya is one of those glitters that is suitable for work and party. It is glitter, but not up-your-face-glitter, if you understand what I mean. I love this color.

For some kind of opacity though I needed four coats. It is one to many I think, but still the formula was easy to work with so I can live with it.

11 maj 2012

Depend summer collection

It sure doesn't feel like summer in Sweden today. It is raining and raining most of the week and even spring seems far away. The other day I received Depends summer collection and that cheered things up.

I found some really nice colors among them, one the bo the warm, orange shimmer number 308. It looks beautiful. I also like the purple number 313 which has a green glitter in it. Looks cool! And I think I can I have some fun with the purple artliner with glitter. The cracked effect polishes though, sorry, but I am tired of the cracked effect.

I couldn't resist...

This color spoke to me when I saw it in the shop. My son who was with me was quick to tell me that I have a LOT of polishes, but I didn't listen. Doesn't it look fantastic in the bottle?
It is called Papagayo blue and is from Swedish make up brand Isadoras summercollection. Can't wait to try it on.

OPI I have a herring problem

OPI keeps coming out with new collections but I still haven't tried all the polishes from the Holland collection. I think I have at least a hundred untried polishes at home. So, today it is time for I have a herring problem from the Holland collection.

This is a dusty blue-grey color that sometimes looks a bit green. It also contains shimmer in the form of silver and gold. I like this kind of dirty looking polish. It is subtle and sophisticated, still it is cool.

The formula was great. So easy to paint with and for opacity I needed two coats.

10 maj 2012

Kicks spring collection 2012

I have already tried one of them, the coral red Riviera chic, but there are more that are talking to me from Kicks spring collection that landed in my mail box the other day.

Kicks is Swedish make up brand that started with nail polish last year. The colors are often very wearable and safe.

In this spring collection I am a bit fond of the mint colored Mint gelato and the lilac Midsummer lily. The yellow Spice market looks like fun, although I don't think yellow suits me but we will see.

Make up store Charmaine

Every time I have been in to Make up store lately I have been looking at the polish Charmaine. It caught my attention at once but it took me a while before I bought it. And I am glad I did buy it.

Charmaine is a teal colored polish packed with micro glitter. When the sun hits the glitter it shows that it is holo and I love that. It doesn't make the polish in to a clean holo, but the glitter is holo and I love that, especiallt with the combination of the teal. Lately I have come like teal more and more.

The polish is really easy to work with, I had controll over it and two coats were enough to get opacity.

OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse collection

I do love a good pink. And a nice red is never wrong. So the Vintage Minnie Mouse collection that landed in my post box looks like something that would suit me. There is the bright pink If you moust you moust. The fuchsia shimmer I'm all ears, the red but with a pink, metallic tone The color of Minnie and last but not least the effect polish Nothin' mousie 'bout it with mini glassflecks and heart shaped glitter.

At the moment the red actually looks like a future favourite, but we will see...

Nothin' mousie 'bout it, If you moust you moust, I'm all ears, The color of Minnie.

8 maj 2012

I am alive!

I know, I haven't been very active here lately. My nails have been painted but things has happened in my life and the blog hasn't been a priority. But, I am back on track now and I can't wait to get this blog going again. I do love blogging, nail polish and everyone who is reding what I am writing. Thank you for staying with me!

On my nails: If you moust you moust and Nothin' mousie 'bout it from Vintage Minnie Mouse collection from OPI.