31 december 2010

Happy new year with Chanel Dragon

Today is the end of a fantastic year for me. Tonight we are having a dinner at home with some friends, we (well, my man is) are making tapas and créma Catalana for dessert. We are having a kind of spanish theme.

So for the spanish theme I am dressing up with a black lace dress and red nails. And it is not just any red polish. It is Chanel Dragon. I didn't want glitter nails new years this year. I wanted luxury and for me that is Chanel.

And let me just say: Oh my god. This is the best polish I have ever tried. It is so easy to paint with, it covers with just one layer (but I took two anyway out of habit) and it dries really quick. I tried it in the shop when I bought it and it dried there really quickly while I was trying on mascara and things like that for a couple of minutes.

And the color is fantastic. It is the perfect red créme. This goes with anything, for any occasion. For new years like this or on a sunny day at the beach. Now I want to buy more polishes from Chanel, at least if the formula and color is this good with all of them.

Now I am gonna get back to work and continue preparing the house. My job is the decorating and I am covering the table with red roses.

Have a great evening and a happy new year! I wish you all the best. And thank you for reading my blog!

30 december 2010

OPI Wing it!

Yesterday when I was presenting my favourites from 2010 I didn't have photos of one of my favourites: Wing it from OPIs summer collection Summer flutter. But I painted my nails with today so now I can show you.

Wing it is a pink foil polish with micro glitter. In some light it also has some orange in it which is really cool. This polish looks it best in the summer, when you have a bit of a tan and the sun is shining. Then it sparkles! I had it on for the first time when I was out with my boat in June. Perfect!

The formula is a bit sheer so for a good result I need three layers, but then I still have a bit of a visible nail line.

Grab this if you see it somewhere, I saw it was on sale in my local beauty store today.

Me on the boat with Wing it! and some champagne.

I treated myself to some luxury!

I have a dress for new years, a beautiful one in black lace. But no shoes. After searching through the shoe shops in my town I ended up buying a nail polish instead. A nail polish I have been longing for and that I am going to wear tomorrow on New years eve.

The polish is Dragon from Chanel. A beautiful red cream. I so love this.

You will get to see it on my nails tomorrow.

29 december 2010

Favourites from 2010

Like Nailtastic is doing today I am presenting a list of my favourites from 2010. These polishes are the ones I like the most, at least among the ones I have photos on. Other favourites are for example Wing it from OPI Summer flutter collection and the silver foil Shine from Orly. I love especially love Wing it. I shall wear it some day and show you.

I am so looking forward to the coming collections of 2011, I already got to try OPIs Katy Perry- and Texas collection. China glaze will also be interesting and Orly as well. And I am so longing for Black pearl from Chanel.

Well, here is my list.

1. Lunar Eclipse from Orly.

2. Red Alert from Isadora.

3. Diva of Geneva from OPI.

4. Scarab from Illamasqua.

5. Simmer and Shimmer from OPI (Well, all the glitter polishes share this place, I love them all.)

6. No 15 from Nailgirls

7. Lucerne-tainly look marvelous från OPI.

8. First class ticket from China glaze.

Depend Cracked effect

Okey, it is hard to avoid this trend now with crackle polishes. Isadora has them and that has been a success, China glaze and OPI are coming with them and now Depend has created six different shades that are out in at least Swedish stores now, I bought mine in the supermarket Ica. I love that, some milk, bread, butter, and yeah, I need a nail polish as well.

Wll, I got the red Cracked effect from Depend, because I haven't seen red before. On the bottle it says that I should start with base coat and nail polish and then wait four minutes. So I did.
And then continue with the Cracked effect, wait two minutes and then put on top coat. And so I did.
I followed the instructions, several times actually, but I am not satisfied. First I tried it over a silver foil from Isadora, that didn't work at all, it was just a mess. Then I tried it over Black onyx from OPI. That didn't work either. The crackle polish made the OPI polish shrink as well, so much that I could see the nail.

Okey, what if I let the nail polish dry longer? Said and done. Now I put on an orange polish from OPI and let it dry for over twenty minutes, then I put on the Cracked effect. That worked better, but if I look closely I can still see some shrinkage with the orange polish.

You also have to be very quick with the Cracked effect, there is no time to correct. If you put on a thin layer you get more cracks than if you put on a thicker layer. To get it really red you have to put on a top coat, otherwise it is matte and pale. I do like the mix with red and orange though.

I am glad I didn't spend so much money on this.

28 december 2010

OPI Glitzerland

Hey, it is almost new year, why not put some bling on the nails? Even if I am just at home today, I have been playing out in the snow with my son and now I will clean the house. But I do it in style with the OPI Glitzerland from the Swiss collection.

This is a foil polish with a lot of shimmer and micro glitter. It is a pale, cold gold tone which I like. I normally don't like too much gold, but the cold tone makes it wearable for me. And even very, very nice.

The formula was very good and easy to control on the nail. I needed three coats though to get a nice result but I could still see a visible nail line then.

27 december 2010

OPI San tan-tonio and Suzy loves cowboys

Okey, brown is not a color I usually like on my nails. My eyes are always drawn to bright colors like red, purple and pink. And some grey and silver. And everything that glitters. So the two brown shades San tan-tonio and Suzy loves cowboys from the Texas collection aren't any who catches my heart at once. But, lets give them a try.

San tan-tonio is a light, beige brown creme polish which I am sorry to say that I don't like. On me the nails looks discolored with this on, not pretty at all. The formula is really good though. With two layers it is opaque.

I like the dark brown Suzy loves cowboys much more. It is a dark chocolate brown that actually looks nice.  This I could wear, especially if I am matching it with my clothes somehow. The formula here was very good as well and I just needed two layers.

Cracked again!

Swedish make up brand Depend has launched six crackle polishes in six different shades like black, blue, pink, white, purple and red.  It is small bottles with just 5 ml and not so expensive. I really liked the effect of OPI crackle polish so I had to get this too.  I got the red one and it will be interesting to see how it works. I will get back to it!

Isadora Silver glitz

I have a soft spot for silver shades, maybe because I always wear silver jewellery, so I had to try the Silver glitz from the winter collection from the Swedish make up brand Isadora.

It is a small bottle, only 4 ml, and the brush is not as wide as Isadoras normal brushes. The color is quite light, almost so it looks white sometimes. It needs three layers to cover so this little bottle won't last long.

The formula is not so very good though because I got some brushstrokes. It also takes long to dry.

26 december 2010

Playing with colors

When I tried on the I want to be a-lone star from OPIs Texas collection the other week I came up with the idea that it would be perfect to have under the glitter polish Last Friday night from the Katy Perry-collection.

So yesterday, when resting from all the Christmas celebrations, I put on three layers of I want to be a-lone star and then three layers of Last Friday night. I toned the glitter polish by first putting it all over the nail, then over two thirds of the nail and then just the tips. I really hope you can see that it is toned on the photos.

I like the result, it has a great winter feeling over it.

OPI An affair in red square

Christmas and of course my nails have been red. On Christmas eve, which is the big Christmas day here in Sweden, I put o one of my favourites OPIs An affair in red square from the Russian collection. I had the same on last Christmas eve, but why not?

I always get comments from strangers when I have this nailpolish on. It is a lovely red with a fantastic shimmer. It is easy to paint with put needs three layers to cover, at least for me.

I do love this. 

21 december 2010

New collection from China glaze

I would like to have some more holos in my nail polish collection so guess if I were happy when I saw on China Glaze's Facebook page that they are coming up with the collection Tronica, full of holos!
I want several of them. Especially the silver, purple and pink-shades.

Unfortunately they are not to be launched in Sweden, only at BSG in January and at Sally's beauty in March. And we don't have those. Too bad.

20 december 2010

OPI Let me entertain you

Christmas is coming nearer and nearer. I am working evenings this week and wanted something bright and colorful to cheer things up. My choice is OPI Let me entertain you.

Well, Let me entertain you is from OPIs Burlesque collection. I have painted may nails several times with this and I love the formula. It is really easy to paint with, I often find foil polishes to be easy to work with. I like the color, a dark pink fuchsia, it is hard to capture on a photo though.

17 december 2010

Maximum bling on my nails

Okey, this started as a normal manicure. I was home alone yesterday evening, no kids and no man and I had decided to take it easy. And that means paint my nails and read.

So first I painted my nails with a red-brown polish, but halfway through I felt that it was totally wrong. It wasn´t what I felt for at all. So I took it off and picked up my silver foil Shine from Orly. I love this polish. It has a good formula, easy to paint with (even though I do think that the brush is too thin) but it needs three layers to cover well.

So, okey, three layers later I wanted to bling it up a bit, even though my nails were shiny with the silver foil. So I took out Disco ball sparkle from OPI. I bought this in London last year and it has small glitter and bigger holographic glitters in a clear base. So I painted three layers with that too because you don´t get so much glitter with each layer. Then I put on two layers of top coat and went to the sofa to read.

But then I started to think. Don't I have holographich stars somewhere? Wouldn't it be cool to cover the whole nail with them? I found them, small stars from the Swedish make up brand Face. They are actually ment for your face but works good on the nails.

So I put on another layer of Disco ball sparkle and pressed down star stars all over the nails. Then I covered it with one layer of Top coat from OPI and two layers of Seche vite to make sure that the stars stay in place.

I am really satisfied with the result. With all that clear polish it almost looks like the stars are floating around.

So, with base coat I now have about 13 layers of polish on my nails. And lots of stars and glitter. I am never gonna get it off, but hey, my nails do sparkle now!

16 december 2010

Nars Purple rain

This was love at first sight. I was walking around at the beautydepartment at Selfridges in London, saw Nars and walked right up to the counter. I saw the shiny Purple rain at once. The woman behind the counter tried to sell me more polishes to me but no, I just wanted that one, the rest looked pale to me.

And when I now have it on my nails I am not disapointed. It is a red toned purple that is very shiny and glossy. In the bottle it looks a bit more red than it ends up on the nail but it is stil faboulous. According to the salesperson at Selfridges this is one of Nars topsellers, and I can understand that.

The formula is good, but the brush is a little bit too long which makes it hold paint that can drip while you paint. It is almost opaque in one layer, it depends on how much polish you use. But I like thin layers so for me it took two.

Hmm, now I might have to try another one from Nars.

14 december 2010

OPI Y'all come back ya here?

For a Swedish speaking person who learned most of its English in England, like me, it is not easy to pronounce the names of the polishes in the new Texas collection from OPI, because they sound best with a Texas accent. Or how would you say: Y'all come back ya here?

The Texas collection has six jelly polishes and this is actually the first time I am trying a jelly in the twenty years I have been painting my nails. I have been a bit suspicious before because I don´t usually like visible nail line.

The first one I am trying is the orange Y'all come back ya here? It is not a bright orange, instead it as hints of coral I think. I normally don't like bright oranges because they don't go with my skin tone, I am sooo pale. But this works a little better, even though it will work even better in the summer and not in a snowy winter land.

I like the jelly thing, it makes me think of candy, melted candy and I don't mind the visible nail line here. I like the glossy finish. I do need three layers though to get an even result. It is also a bit hard to make the polish stay at the end of the tips if you understand what I mean.

Well, it will be fun to try the rest of the jelly polishes from this collection.

13 december 2010

OPI I want to be a-lone star

After a weekend without any polish at all on my nails, coughing and walking around in sweat pants, I am now back on track and have painted my nails ice blue. The polish I have on is one of the polishes from the upcoming summer collection from OPI, named Texas.

Maybe it is the snow we are covered in in Sweden at the moment, but I think this polish gives me a winter feeling. It is very light blue, with a subtle shimmer. I like it even if it is not a wow-color. I think it would look good though to have under the light glitter blue polish Last Friday night from the Katy Perry collection.

What I don't like though is the formula. It is streaky and not easy to paint with because of it. I hate it when polishes get streaky. To make it okey it takes three layers but now I see that I could have needed a fourth.

9 december 2010

OPI Show it & Glow it

Even though I got the Texas collection from OPI in my hands yesterday I am actually not done yet trying on the Burlesque collection. So yesterday I put some bling on with the help of the purple glitter Show it & Glow it.

It is a mix of purple and pink glitter but it also has some multicolored glitter like gold, silver and light blue. In day light it looks more pink and  in the night the color becomes darker. I like it, even though it does feel like I am getting a glitter overload right now. This is very sparkly.

I needed four coats to get it opaque and then two coats of OPI Top coat to make the surface more smooth.

China glaze is coming with a crackle polish

I read on the China glaze blog that they are launching crackle polishes in February, but not just in one color like OPIs coming Black shatter, but six colors. Fun!

Yihaa! I got Texas to show you

Yesterday I was to an event for OPI where they launched the upcoming spring and summer collection Texas. Twelve new colors that will be fun to try.

From looking at the bottles I can say that this is an easy collection, a safe one, that is easy to like for a lot of people. I especially fancy the purple looking ones, they look very bright, and I think they will look great on the toes in the summer. I am less enthusiastic for the brown shades but that is because I don't like brown shades on my nails.

I will publish the first swatch tomorrow and then I will continue trying them on within time.

This collection will be launched in stores in February.

7 december 2010

Nailgirls Pink no 12

Okey, this is just wow. I have never tried the Nailgirl polish before and when I bought it I didn't know anything about it or what to expect.. But I gave it a shot. And I am not sorry for that.

The formula is so good. It gets totally opaque with just one layer and I have never really experienced that before. It is easy to paint with as well, although I do think that the brush is a little bit too long.

The color is a bright pink with silver microglitter which ends ups as a foil on the nails. In the bottle you can really see the silver because the silver and pink is not really mixed up. But when it gets on the nail they blend together and becomes a bright pink.
In daylight it is a bit matte, but when it gets darker it has a kind of fire glow. I love it.

Now I wish I would have bought all the colors from Nailgirls. Hmm, I think I will have to go back to London...

Shopping on my lunchbreak

Although I have lots of silver polishes, I couldn´t resist buying the new Isadora polish Silverglitz from their holiday collection Glitzy today. It is a tiny bottle, with just 4 ml. Will try it on soon.

6 december 2010

OPI Ali's big break

Gosh, I am going to have a hard time choosing what color to wear for Christmas eve because I am getting more and more red favourites. The may look the same to some, but they aren't.

One new rising star in my collection is OPIs Ali's big break from the Burlesque collection. I have had it for a while but haven't tried it on until now.

And I like it. It is a bright christmas red that just shines on the nails. It is some microglitter that makes it sparkle some, but not too much.

The formula is good and easy to work with. To get it opaque I use two coats.

4 december 2010

Pixi No. 15

The first London polish to be on my nails is the purple No. 15 from Pixi. Behind the brand Pixi are two Swedish sister's but you can't buy their make up here in Sweden. Too bad I think.

This polish is a purple neon. And yes, I know it looks pink on the photo, but it isn't. It was just really hard to capture its real color. But it is a rich, purple that is really nice. My nails glows with this on. Most neon dries matte but this doesn't, it fades a bit but it doesn't go totally matte. I want it glossy though so I top it with a coat of OPIs Top coat.

The fomula was a bit thin. It covers well with two layers but it is a bit runny. The brush is also a bit too long, which makes the polish drop from the brush. So you have to be alert there.

3 december 2010

Nail polish shopping in London

When in London, of course I had to take the chance to buy some polishes you don´t find so easy here in Sweden. Or not at all. I didn´t have much time to go shopping though, but thanks to finding a late night open Boots by Piccadilly circus and a quick visit to Selfridge's I came home with four polishes.

Nailgirls Pink no 12. This is a pink glitter with a lot of silver in it that I think will end up as a foil on the nail. I found this at Selfridge's, they just got the brand the day before so they couldn't tell me so much about it except that it is from New York.

Pixi no 15. Pixi is actually a make up brand made by some Swedish sisters living in London. We don't have the brand here in Sweden though so I buy it when I get the chance in London. This polish is a neon purple, although it looks a lot more pink on the photo than it is.

Illamasqua Eclipse. This is one of the winners from Illamasquas contest where you could have your dream color made. It is a mix between purple and blue. Very beautiful.

Nars Purple rain. This is one of Nars top sellers, a purple metallic with some pink in it. Very nice. It was love at first sight so I hope it turns out as good on the nail.

Well, that's all. I saw at least ten more polishes but I didn't have the time to decide. Now I just bought the ones that my heart fell for at once.

OPI Lucerne-tainly look marvelous

I have been away on business in London for a couple of days, a great city but very cold and snowy at the moment. I got stuck outside London on Wednesday and it took me six hours to get back to my hotell because of the snow. Incredible.

My nails though looked great the whole time. I had one of my favourites from the Swiss collection from OPI on, Lucerne-tainly look marvelous. I think it is the one I have used the most from that collection. I choosed it because the gun metal grey foil would go with all my clothes.

I think the colour is great, the foil makes it sparkle a little bit so it works for any occasion. The formula is really good and it is easy to use. I painted with three layers but I think you can get away with two.

Of course I did some nail polish shopping in London, came home with four different polishes. I will show you them later.

28 november 2010

China glaze Pink voltage

Yesterday I matched my nails with a dress and painted my nails neon pink. There is so much red around, with Christmas and all, so I wanted something totally opposite. Something that isn't Christmas, and a neon pink is so far away from Christmas I can think.

I bought Pink voltage from China glaze this summer but has actually not tried it until now. And I must say that it is very pink and looks best in day light. When it gets dark (which it becomes around three o'clock in the afternoon here in Sweden now) the color becomes kind of yellow. 
This is absolutely a color I want to wear on my toe nails this coming summer.

The formula is kind of streaky though and I need three layers to get a cover that looks good. But it works. 

Like all neons it dries matte so I top it with a coat of Seche vite.

27 november 2010

OPI Teenage dream

After coming to the conclusion that the blue glitter polish Last Friday night was best for layering I was expecting the same from the light pink Teenage dream from the upcoming Katy Perry collection from OPI.

But I was wrong. This polish works very well on its own, even if it do need three covers for full coverage. Then it gives you a light, pink, glitter explosion. The base is a pink clear and then it got pink micro glitter and bigger holo glitter. I really like it. It is very mild in the color, very sweet.

I think it also would be beautiful with only one layer over a sheer pink polish like Privacy please from OPI.

The fomula is a bit thick, a lot sticks to the brush. But it works, maybe because it a glitter polish.

26 november 2010

OPI The one that got away

The one that got away is the polish with the most color from OPIs Katy Perry collection. In the bottle it is a rich magenta colour with gold-green dust in it. I looks beautiful.

And it is beautiful on the nails as well. The color continues to be rich and being a foil lacquer it has some glitter, I guess that is the gold-green dust. The effect is similar as some of the polishes from the Burlesque collection. This color may not be unique, but I really like it. It is sophisticated but still got something extra. This I would wear for a night out.

The formula is good, but needs three layers to cover well. It dried quickly as well.

24 november 2010

OPI Last Friday night

The thing I like about glitter polishes is that they turn the nails into little jewels and I like wearing it no mather what I am doing: work or party.

Last Friday night from OPIs Katy Perry collection looks like a really bright blue in the bottle. The base is a clear light blue and got lots of blue, silver and turqoise glitter. Really pretty. But it is thin though. And when I start painting with it it doesn´t take long before I realise that this is a polish for layering. After five layers I have a surface I am satisfied with even if I still have a visible nail line. But I can accept this.
I might not always have the patience for five layers, so I think I will use this for layering. I have a blue polish from Essie, it is called Aruba, that I must try this on.

The color on the nail though is no where near the bottle colour. On the nail it ends up as a light blue with a feeling of silver, very winter but also a glitter suitable for the summer I think.

It was easy to paint with, so no complains there.