20 november 2011

Depend 260

I don't like this with polishes having number as names. It is so hard to remember. A fun word name is much easier, and yes, makes me more likely to buy it. I am that easy.

Well, anyway Depends polish number 260 is a soft military green creme. Or an avocado-gone-a-bit-bad kind of a color. It is nice, but not wow. I have seen it before. This is the kind of polish to wear to work and match with the right clothes.

The formula though is a bit thick, but hey, it is a one coater! One coat is enough to get full opacity. Love that!

3 kommentarer:

  1. But it does look really good on you Catharina!

  2. Beautiful shade of green, I like it

  3. Vad fint! Jag håller med om numrena, så svårt att komma ihåg vilket lack man ville ha när de heter så dumt >_<