31 augusti 2011

Kicks Make up Studio 54

Studio 54 is a perfect name for the gold perl polish from the new make up brand from Kicks. It is gold, it is party, it is glamour. And I say this without even liking gold, it doesn't go with my skintone. But I can see the qualities in this polish anyway.

This is the first polish I try from Kicks. It comes in small bottles (8 ml) and are quite cheap (39 Swedish kronor). The formula is quite good, but you do need three coats to get an even result and there are some visible brush strokes. But it is okey. The brush is a bit short and stiff.

30 augusti 2011

China glaze Rich & Famous

I am not giving up. I am still looking for the perfect pink. I know it is out there. Today I am testing the pink creme polish Rich & Famous from China glaze.

This is cold pink, a rich fuchsia. I really like this color. It makes a statement, it makes my nails visible and that I like.

The formula is a bit thick, but still easy to work with. Two coats should be enough with this kind of thick polish, but I ad a third because it is a bit streaky.

29 augusti 2011

Models own Nail art pen

When on vacation in Scotland I bought this nail art pen from Models own. Seeing what others are able to do with nail art pens I wanted to try it as well. So, I started with doing a leopard print in pink and red. Some years ago I would never have mixed pink and red but now I think it looks good.

I started with painting my nails with the bright pink Power pink from Isadora. Then I took the nail art pen and did some half circles and U-patterns. Spread them around, took it easy, a relaxed pattern. Then I took Red Alert from Isadora and filled in a little bit of red in the black.

And so I got my first leopard print. What do you think? I know, I need some practice, but it was fun. To be able to do some straight lines though I need to practice a lot.

More Serena Glam slam from OPI

I have received another Serena Glam slam kit from OPI, with the polishes Spark de Triomphe and white shatter. Spark de Triomphe looks like a mix between silver and gold. This might work!

Will try them on soon!

OPI A-taupe the space needle

A-taupe the space needle is a polish from OPIs fall collection Touring America. But  I must admit, taupe is really not my thing. To me it just looks muddy, with a little hint of green. It doesn't give me the wow that I am looking for.

The polish is a creme polish. First layer becomes streaky, but after three coats it looks good. The color is a bit darker on the nail than in the bottle. The formula is smooth and easy to paint with.

28 augusti 2011

A good birthday present

Yesterday I had a small birthday party/barbeque at home for my family. One of the presents I got was three nail polishes. Hurray! It was my sister-in-laws mother Susan, who is in Sweden visiting from California, who gave me the polishes. She thought I would like them. And, yes, was she right.

One of the polishes I already got, a silver shatter from OPI. But hey, it is not easy to give a nail polish addict nail polish. But the other two is from Savina, a brand I haven't tried before. The purple-gold glitter Gold flecks and the iceblue shimmer Frostbite. Looking forward to try them on!

Misa Summer love

Summer is almost over but I haven't tried all my new summer polishes yet. So here we go, Misa Summer love is up for testing. This is the first time I test this brand.

This is a fuchsia pink with shimmer, I think it also has a kind of berry tone. The shimmer that is also visible in shadow. I love this kind of polish, but I wish it was beach weather, it would feel much more right then.
I like it, even though it is not unique. I have several polishes that are almost the same.

It is easy to paint, even though I do think that the brush is too long.

25 augusti 2011

Essie Lapis of Luxury

It is my birthday today! My man celebrated me this morning with singing, flowers and a really nice present. And after work we will have oysters and champagne. Life is good today!

To celebrate myself I bought a new polish yesterday to wear today, Lapis of Luxury from Essie. This I have wanted for quite some time, I think it is a beautiful blue, soft. A good choice for today.

But, it needed some work though. The formula is bad, it is quite thin and I needed four layers to get an even result. Four layers is a lot for a creme polish I think. Is it worth it? Yes. But I will choose carefully when I wear this so I have time for it.

Kicks launches their own make up brand

Yesterday I was to a pressevent in Stockholm where the beauty chain Kicks presented a new make up brand that they are launching. And first out on the market are nailpolishes. Of course I was curious. A new nailpolish, that is like Christmas!

The nailpolishes will be in store week 36 and cost 39 swedish kronor for a bottle of 8 ml and will be available in 40 different colors. Good price I think, even though the bottles are small.
Left to see is how they work on the nail. I got six different shades to try so it will be interesting. I am most keen on the jeansblue Fab Jean and the grey Metro grey.

24 augusti 2011

Essie Sexy Divide

Well, it didn't take long until Sexy Divide ended up on my nails. And I love it. This polish is from Essies winter collection in 2008, but you can find it in their regular collection now. I couldn't resist it the other day when I went shopping and I am glad I bought it.

Why? Because it is so beautiful. It is a dark purple that doesn't turn in to a black. It stays purple and has a metallic finish that I like very much. I often fall for this kind of metallic finish.
In the bottle there is a pink shimer and a touch of gold, but you don't see so much of it on the nail. Then it is just purple, with a red tone though.

The formula was great and I like Essies brushes. I used three layers, but that was mostly because of bad lighting when I painted. I think two would have been enough.

23 augusti 2011

OPI Designer series

I have recieved two polishes I am really eager to try, DS Bold and DS Temptation from OPI.
DS Bold is red polish with a pink tone and lots of glitter in those shades. DS Temptation is purple polish with glitter in light blue, purple and silver.

They both look great but especially Temptation gets my heart pumping.

To be seen on my nails soon.

OPI My address is "Hollywood"

Another polish from the Touring America collection from OPI. This time a dark salmon pink polish with a gold shimmer named My adress is "Hollwood".

This polish gives me a feeling of the thirties, an old fashioned feeling that I first didn't like. It is far from edgy if I say so. But after a while on my nails it is starting to grow on me. It is quite flattering.
You don´t see so mych of the gold shimmer on the nails, then it is just gives the polish some extra shine.

The formula was quite good, but I did need three layers to smooth things out and get full opacity.

22 augusti 2011

Shopping on my lunchbreak

Essie has arrived to Sweden in a big scale and can now be bought at Kicks, a beauty chain. I got so happy for this, going in there and see all the Essies polishes, well I couldn't help myself. They look like sweets.
So I bought two, one regular polish and one top coat.

To be seen on my nails soon.

Essie Sexy Divide and top coat Good to go.

OPI Uh-Oh roll down the window

Green is really growing on me. I really like it more and more on my nails.

Uh-Oh roll down the window is an avocado green creme polish from OPIs fall collection Touring America, at least it is avocado green in the bottle. On the nail it becomes a lot darker, then it turns in to a kind of military green.
I think it looks good. It is sophisticated, in a cool way.

The formula is easy to work with, although like many of the polishes I have tried from this collection it is a bit thin. Concentrate when you paint and you will be fine. I used three layers, but I think that two might be good too.

Models own Mystic Mauve

Models own is a brand that I haven't tried before, but I do think that they have lots of nice colors. You can't find it here in Sweden though so when I came to Scotland I took the opportunity and went to the first Boots I could find and bought some. Mystic Mauve is the first to hit my nails.

This is a pink-purple foil polish that sparkles a lot. It looks very sweet on the nails, but it is doesn't make my heart goes faster but I like it.

It is easy to paint with and two layers is enough to get full coverage.

Back from vacation

I have been away. First to Scotland where we stayed in a small village north of Aberdeen. Wonderful, we saw castles, had tea and scones, walked by the sea, ate haggis and so on. We had such a great time.
Then we travelled on to the north of Norway, as high up as it is possible. There we walked in the mountains, fished in the sea (and broke a nail while bringing up a big fish in the boat) and even had dolpins svimming around the boat. It was so beautiful.
In Norway I didn't have a chance to shop for any polish, but in Scotland I did. Lots. I bought some brands I haven't tried before like Nails Inch and Barry M. Look what I bought:

3 augusti 2011

OPI Swimsuit...nailed it

I have seen this before, this kind of metallic blue. But that doesn't matter. I really like Swimsuit...nailed it from OPIs Miss Universe collection anyway. The color makes my nails pop and I can't stop looking at them. It is so beautiful and skiny. A new favourite I think.

The polish is a foil polish and I often find foil polishes to be easy to paint with. This was really easy, the formula was good and I got it opaque with just two layers. Perfect because it was late and I was tired when I painted this.

1 augusti 2011

OPI Flower-to-flower

On my search for the perfect pink I got a polish from OPIs summer collection from last year. Flower-to-flower is a medium pink polish with a subtle silver shimmer. The color is a bit saturated and the silver is not that notisable on the nail. But it helps the polish shine.

The formula is good but you do need three layers to get god opacity.

This color is nice, very much summer, but for me it is not the perfect pink. So I keep looking...