2 november 2011

News from OPI

Yeah, I know. It is just November and you are shopping polishes from the fall- and winter collections. But lets look a little bit in to the future. Who can resist when OPI presents their news for next year?

In January it is time for their next celebrity collaboration, this time with Nicki Minaj. This collection has glitter, a shatter and bright colors. What do you think? I think all the colors look interesting, especially the glitters, will be fun to see them IRL.

And then, the spring collection, this time called Holland. And when you say Holland to me I think about tulips (although Sweden is the country buying most tulips in the world, we are nuts about tulips) and I think some of the colors in the spring collection gives me a tulip vibe. When I look at this pr-photo I fall for the purple and the blue. How about you?

2 kommentarer:

  1. Yes, I am interested in the OPI Holland blues, and also in that oyster shade on the bottom right. The other OPI collection doesn't really appeal to me at all. I don't usually enjoy wearing bright colors.

  2. Please excuse the double comment, but I wonder how the oyster shade (upon which I am now FIXATED) would compare to Rescue Beauty Lounge's Jane? I'm curious if it is intended to be a dupe.