26 februari 2011

OPI In the spot-light pink

In the spot-light pink is the first polish I try from the Femme de cirque collection that I try. It looks very sweet in the bottle, a bright light pink.

But there is no sign of the pink on the nail. There it just makes the nails look naturally fresh. And that could be nice. But also a bit boring.

This is the kind of polish to wear on a job interview, it is safe. I could also choose this polish to wear on my toe nails. It would make them look fresh and I don't have to worry about  matching colors.

The formula though is really good. I sometimes find it really hard to get a good result when I paint with pastel pink. But this is very easy and I get a good result at once. On the photos I have two layers.

25 februari 2011

Elf Hot pink

Elf is a brand that I haven't tried before. In Sweden you can buy them over the internet, and they are very cheap for being Sweden.

Hot pink is a strong pink color that almost look like it has some coral or red tones in it. It is a creme polish, with a summer party feeling over it.

The formula is pretty good, and it covers well with just two layers. It has a bad brush though with different lengths in it. I think I will take out my scissors and give this brush a hair cut.

24 februari 2011

Femme de cirque in my hands

I just got the Femme de cirque collection in my hands from OPI. This is what they call a bride collection, easy to wear colors.

They may be a bit pale to me, I like a bit of bounce on my nails. But I will try them, and see. You will see them on my nails soon.

23 februari 2011

Snowcrystal Denim blue

Denim blue from Snowcrystals spirng collection is a jeans blue metallic polish that almost looks a bit duochrome in the bottle because it has a pink microglitter.

I really like this color, it has a softnes over it but still look cool. You don't see much of the pink micro glitter on the nail though.

The formula is a bit thin, if you take too much polish on the brush it can become messy. To get it opaque I need three layers.

Snowcrystal and Elf

The other day I got a package with nail polish, sent from a PR-firm. Two of the polishes were from the Swedish nail polish brand Snowcrystal. It is from their spring collection and the polishes are:

Ice green. A very light shimmer polish, almost on the boarder to white. Looks very sweet.

Denim blue. A jeans blue shimmerpolish that looks duochrome i the bottle since I see some pink there as well.

Then I got two polishes from Elf, a brand I haven't tried before:

Hot pink. A creme pink polish.

X. This I don't know the name of, but it is a purple lavender.

To be seen on my nails soon...

22 februari 2011

Art Deco 275 Sparkling lilac

Art Deco is a polish brand I haven't tried before. And I must say that it is a nice to get to know this purple glitter polish, especially since I have soft spot for purple.

This polish has a sheer, purple base and then there is glitter in purple, silver and gold. Of course, the purple dominates on the nail, the silver and gold is just there to make the purple sparkle.

The formula though is thin, so I need three layers for opacity. It is easy to paint with and I love the glitter.
Very pretty. But it is not a wow. And I am on the search for a wow right now.

21 februari 2011

What to wear?

Sometimes I know exatcly which polish to wear. I can plan it days ahead, match it to clothes and be satisfied. And sometimes I just look down to the drawers of my helmer and just take the first bold color I see and don't care if it matches my clothes or not. I just let the polish speaks for itself.

But sometimes, I don't know what nail polish to choose. Nothing feels right, and then I have quite a few polishes to choose between. I might start painting with one polish, but if that doesn't feel right I take it off.

I usually end up with wearing red then. Red nails are never wrong.

How do you choose which color to wear?

Just a tiny bit of my collection.

19 februari 2011

Right now in Sweden

Okey, this has nothing to do with nail polish, but I want to show you this anyway.

It is a wonderful day in Sweden. We have lots of snow, it is -15 C and the sun is shining. I just came in from a walk with my dog, soon we are going skiing on the lake.

OPI Austin-tatious turqoise

I think this is the last polish from the Texas-collection from the OPI for me to try. And although I have come to really like turqoise polishes lately, this is the polish that have appealled to me the least. Well, together with the brown ones.

This shimmer polish has a seagreen tone with a hint of purple in it. But there is also a yellow tone there, and that yellow tone makes my nails look discoloured. Especially my tips. And that I don't like.

I use three layers and some extra on the tips, but there is still visible nail line.

18 februari 2011

Playing with the glitter

The other day I found a big box of glitter at home (I had totally forgotten that I had it) and was playing around with some glitter on my nails, trying different combinations.

This is the combination I liked the most. A red base, I used Red alert from Isadora, and while it was still wet I pored lots and lots of glitter over it.

Maybe not the kind of nails to wear to work, but for a party night they would be great.

17 februari 2011

I was a bit bored so I shopped

The other day when I was at home with my sick son I couldn't help doing some shopping over the internet. Well, I did a need a new base coat because my Base coat from OPI was almost over.
I wanted to try something else so after reading some blogs I decided to go for Bonder from Orly.
And while I was at it I clicked home a purple nail polish from Art deco, a brand I have never tried before.

16 februari 2011

OPI Houston we have a purple

The winter is strong, long and cold this year in Sweden. The other day it was -26 when I woke up in the morning and when the sun came up it looked like there was glitter in the air. It was amazing.

But winter doesn't stop me from dreaming about summer and wearing summer colors. Like Houston we a have a purple from OPI's Texas collection.

This is a sheer jelly color which needs three layers and some extra polish on the tips to get a nice and even result. The color is really nice it is a lovely purple on the boarder to being a berry pink I think. I think all the jelly colors from the Texas collection are a big hit.

15 februari 2011

H&M Peppermint fusion

Today I am wearing another polish I found at H&M. It is a lovely light blue-lavender shimmer polish. Sometimes it looks light blue, sometimes lavender, sometimes you see the shimmer, sometimes there is a hint of pink. It is very beautiful. 

The formula is a bit thin but I still have control over it. I am also learning to master the cap on the bottle. With the first H&M polish I tried I thought it was a bit hard to hold, but now I am getting better at it. 
To get a full cover I need three layers. 

14 februari 2011

Valentine nails

Valentines day. A day for love. Of course I need to have some hearts on my nails then.

But I didn't want it to be too pretty. So I started with painting my nails with the grey creme polish Gris Montaigne from Dior. And then comes the hearty part: Heart to resist from OPI.
It is a clear polish with holo glitter and red hearts in it and it is absolutely a polish for layering. The hearts a very hard to get a hold of with the brush so I took a tooth pick and went fishing with it. Then I was able to get some hearts to get on my nails. A bit complicated I must say.

But, I did get my Valentine nails. And I already got some romance. My man left early for a long work day but when I came down to the kitchen in the morning there were a lovely bouquet of red roses and lillys waiting for me. He is a wonderful man.

13 februari 2011

"...one fine example of such inspiration."

Richard Prime, a man who knows his colors and who does color trend analysis here in Scandinavia, has been blogging about me and this blog. Very fun to read.
And I am very flattered.
Thank you.

Please check this out:


12 februari 2011

OPI DS Fantasy

Like a million stars in the midnight sky. That is the best way to describe this polish. At least when the sun hits it because then it sparkles. In shade it is a deep midnightblue but it is still possible to see some of the glitter.

Fantasy is a polish from OPIs Designer series. I have had this for a while in my stash but don't use it often enough I think.

The formula is really easy to paint with. One layer is almost enough for full opacity, but I take two anyway. Out of old habit I guess. But, I painted with this yesterday evening and now it is already chipping on one finger. That I don't like.

11 februari 2011

Me in the newspaper (the web edition)!

I keep getting comments from people about my nails, asking me how I do it. And the other day, the newspaper here (which I work for) wanted to do a piece about my nails for their web edition.
I guess I am kind of the only one in my town who is blogging about nails.

Here you can check it out: http://vlt.se/nyheter/vasteras/1.1095255-visa-klorna-med-stil

You can also hear me talk about my nails, in Swedish, but still. It is me. And it is about nails.

China glaze Grape pop + OPI Show it & glow it

I have really fallen for layering glitter polishes over other polishes, at least when it is done as a gradient. So yesterday when I was painting my nails with Grape pop from China glaze I decided to make it a little more blingy and ad some purple glitter in form of Show it & glow it from OPI.

Grape pop itself is from last years Up & away collection from China glaze. It is a nice creme purple. The formula is very rich, it is full of pigment so two layers makes it totally opaque. I do find the brush to be little bit too soft though.

Show it & glow is from OPIs Burlesque collection. Here I hade to have very little polish on the brush when I was doing the grading otherwise it would become too thick. I did fail on two nails which I had to do all over again.

These two together turned out to be a very good combination. Or what do you think?

10 februari 2011

H&M U must have this

It didn't take me long to try my new polish U must have this from H&M. I have been longing for some bright colors and this is perfect. This turqouise creme polish makes me think about a pool, somewhere nice, like Aruba, Malaysia or something. The color really makes my nails pop and I can't stop looking at them.

But there is something else popping as well, which you can see if you look closely at the photo. There are some bubbles, and bubbles I don't like, but these bubbles have popped so you can see the nail. Strange, I don't think I have ever experienced this before.

Otherwise the formula is quite nice to paint with. It is kind of thick but still easy to control. Two layers is enough to get a full cover.

I am extending my collection

Yesterday I went out shopping, I just felt that I needed a new pink polish and went for a hunt. I have this hunger for bright colors on my nails right now.

But, I didn't buy a pink one, instead I ended up with buying a turquise creme polish, U must have this,  and a light blue-lavender with shimmer, Peppermint fusion. Both from H & M.

They both look really nice in the bottles so I am looking forward to try them on.

8 februari 2011

Chanel Black Pearl

I couldn't resist this one. Chanel Black pearl is a little beauty and not like anything else in my collection.
But I wouldn't call this metallic polish black. It is more of a grey that turns into a green. Just like a black pearl. Very nice.

The formula is quite nice. The first time I painted with it I needed three layers, but this time I took only two layers and it was enough. It is quite easy to control on the nail, even though I do think Chanels brushes are a bit too long and too soft.

Even though I do think that the color is beautiful and that it is one of my favourites right now, I don't think it is much of a spring color. Somehow I long for some bright colors now. Don't you?

7 februari 2011

OPI St. Petersburgundy

Bloodred has been the color on my nails this weekend. Elegant and never wrong.

My man's theater company had a party Saturday and the theme was Hollywood. My man went as Clint Eastwood, but I am not much for dressing out so I put on a black lace dress, fake diamonds and the nail polish St. Petersburgundy and pretended to be someone who would go to the Golden globe awards. Or something. Well, I had fun anyway.

This polish is from the Russian collection that came out in 2007. I have several  polishes from this collection, two of the are red. St Petersburgundy is a bloodred jelly which is very beautiful.

But it is hard to paint with. It is not easy to get an even result and to get it as good as possible I needed four layers. With this I really need to be concentrated when I paint.

But, as I often say, the color is beautiful.

3 februari 2011

Santa came for a visit - in February

Last week I got a comment on the blog from a person who wrote that she would leave a nail polish for me at my work, a polish she didn't use because she is a nurse and seldom paints her nails.

But she never wrote who she was.

Well, a couple of days ago someone left an envelope for me at my work. And in that envelope there was this fantastic bottle of Dear Santa from OPI. A red jelly with red and gold glitter. Beautiful.

But still no name.

So, I just wanted to say. Thank you! It is so sweet of you. Whoever you are.

2 februari 2011

Some glitter on top of Sahara Sapphire

Inspired by a friend I met in a shopping mall yesterday I decided to paint my nails with some glitter for today. She had layered green glitter over a beautiful blue metallic polish.

I loved her thing but going through my stash of polishes I decided to try a polish I bought on vacation in San Diego, USA, two years and hasn't tried until now. Sahara Sapphire is a metallic light blue-lavender-grey polish that is just beautiful. Good formula and two layers is enough to get opacity. It did leave some brush strokes though.

Over that I graded some Today was a fairytale from Deborah Lippmann. The grey base in this silver glitter turned out to be perfect for this.

I like the result. Do you?

1 februari 2011

Make up store Greta

Look at this beauty! A wonderful silver holographic polish that just makes my nails glow.

I have wanted a holographic for so long, a real one with a lot of holoeffect. I have some other holographic polishes but no one is near this. And this I found just around the corner from my work. It is the Swedish make up brand Make up store that has their own shops all over Sweden and the world. They actually had several holographic polishes, but I fell for the silver one called Greta.

When I painted this I started with using Make up stores Aqua fix which they recommended in the shop (of course), otherwise I wouldn't get the effects. Make sure though that you paint it even otherwise it will show through the holopolish.
Then I needed three layers to get it as opaque as I want it. I found this pretty easy to paint with, the formula was medium thick.

And I just love this holographic effect, it is really super. Or what do you think?