29 april 2011

Isadora Power pink

I bought this polish the other day, in my search for the perfect pink. the color is named Power pink and it is from Isadoras summer collection. It is a bright, blueish creme pink, kind of the color I am looking for. The pink I am looking for must be strong and easy to be seen.

And yes. With this polish my nails are more than visible. The pink color makes my nails shine.

The formula is quite good, but I do need three layers to get a good opacity. And after a while I can see some microbubbles. And bubbles I don't like.

But the color is really good. But is it the perfect pink? I don't know yet. I have to try more pinks.

28 april 2011

China glaze Light house

Apparently yellow seems to be one of the it-colors this spring, several brands are coming with their version, including Chanel. But I must say, that yellow is not my cup of tea.

Light house from China glaze's collection Anchors away is a bright daffodil-yellow with a jelly formula and yellow glitter. Some might think that this is a fun and not so common color, but I think that this just makes my nails looks discolored. I don't like it.

The polish though is easy to paint with even though it is thin. To get some kind of opacity I need four layers, but then I still got visible nail line.

27 april 2011

Playing with Silver shatter

I have earlier showed you Silver Shatter from OPIs coming Pirates of the Caribbean collection. I do think though that it looks its best with a strong color under it, and not the pastells that are in the collection.

So I painted Silver shatter over Blue my mind from H&M and here is the result.
I like it.

I am on the search for the perfect pink

Pink. I can't get it of my mind. When ever I see a stack of polishes in a shop nowdays I start looking at the pinks. The reason is that I want that perfect pink on my nails. A strong, vibrant color, perfect for the summer.

So I am looking. And will show you what I find.

Maybe you have any suggestions?

26 april 2011

China glaze Hey Sailor

This polish has been on my nails a lot the last couple of weeks. To both work and parties. Hey sailor from China glaze collection Anchors away is the kind of red that is good for any occasion and it is one of my favourites at the moment.

Hey sailor is a tomatored creme polish that is very rich and well pigmented. It is almost so one layer is enough, but I put on two to make sure it looks really good.

It is easy to paint with, but it chips quickly. Every time I have used it it has chipped, once even after a couple of hours. So that is a big minus. But I still love the color.

I love dark, short nails

This blog post is for my friend Annette. She struggles with her nails, buys nail polishes but seldom wears them. One reason is that her nails are short and many of the polishes she has are dark.
But I want to show her that short nails can be dark. And look very good.
I even believe that that dark polishes looks its best on short nails.

The polish I used here is the dark blue, Russian Navy from OPIs Russian collection. A very nice polish. The color is rich and it is easy to paint with.

So Annette. Look at this. And then go home and paint you nails. I know your nails will look great.

Sorry, but I can't be bought

Last week, I got an e-mail from a company who wanted me to write for them in my blog, under my name, and they would pay me for it.

This is the e-mail (in Swedish though):


Jag läste lite på din blogg som jag tycker är intressant. Jag är intresserad av att köpa ett blogginlägg som antingen du eller jag kan skriva. Så det är mer som ett gästblogginlägg fast du får pengar för det. Texten kommer att ha ett par diskreta länkar.
Om du är intresserad av detta så maila mig så snart du kan.
Man skulle kunna kalla det för gästblogg fast du tjänar pengar på det.
Vad tycker du?

Thanks. But no thanks.
My blogg is not for sale. My words are not for sale. My opinion is not for sale. I am not for sale.

I have some rules on this blog. This is my area, my space. I decide what is written here. My opinion can't be bought. If a product is good I will write it, if it is bad I will write that.
I do not accept money. I don't need that, this blog is my hobby.
I do get product samples sent to me sometimes, but I decide if I write and what I write about the products. I do think though that getting the product samples is good because it is a chance to show my readers different nail polishes before they hit the shops.

But I repeat, what I write is always my opinion. And my opinion can't be bought.

19 april 2011

China glaze Pelican grey

Okey. I change quickly. One day I prefer wearing a bright pink polish that makes the world react, the day after I want something more simple. Just last week I changed polish six times. Six times. One might think that I don't have a life but I do. I have a kid, I work full time, exercise six times a week, have a dog, take care of a house and so on. Everything goes. At least with a fast dry top coat. :)

Well, well. So for today I have something more sophisticated on. Pelican grey from China glaze Anchors away is a light grey polish with a subtle shimmer. I really like grey polish. It is easy to wear and this polish is a very nice polish. The shimmer gives it an extra dimension.

The formula was good, not too thick and not too thin, but I did have to do some cleaning up and I am not really used to haveing to do that. I needed three coats to get the finish I like.

18 april 2011

OPI Steady as she rose

Time to try on the second polish from OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean collection, the polish Steady as she rose. This is a light, light, light purple creme with a bit of dust in it, like the rest of the collection. And this dust do makes this polish a little bit less sweet, even if it is still sweet. Very actually.

The fomula needs three layers to get opaque. The first layer gets a bit streaky. But the end result is nice. Painting with this I get reminded though of how much I like OPIs brush. Perfect length and width.

16 april 2011

Isadora Glamour white

I am not usually not in to white nail polishes. Especially if they are frosty. It is a little bit too much old lady for me.

But. I can change my mind. And so I have. Isadoras Glamour white is a white frost polish from their coming summer collection. This polish gives me a crispy feeling. It feels fresh. It would look good with a black outfit. Or all white clothes. I can come up with several combinations actually.

The formula is good. First layer is a bit streaky but that I fix with two more layers.

15 april 2011

China glaze Anchors away

I know I am late with this, but the other week I received some polishes from China glaze's collection Anchors away. I am really looking forward to try these on. And hey, another white for me to try. Well, I am open for anything nowdays.

The polishes I received are these:

Hey sailor! A tomatored polish that looks fab in the bottle. Red is never wrong.
Life preserver. A kind of dirty orange. Interesting.
Lighthouse. A glitter yellow polish. Hmm.
White cap. White jelly with microglitter.
Pelican grey. A sofisticated soft grey with a hint of shimmer.

To be seen on my nails soon...

Mavala Waikiki orange 169

I am really in to bright polishes at the moment. I want my nails to stand out, pop, be noticed. And make me happy when I look at them. Nail polish does that to me. I get happy when I see my polished nails. At least if I am satisfied with the result.

So, Mavalas Waikiki orange from their coming Art collection is a polish for me. It is a bright orange polish on the boarder to being coral. And I like that. It gives me a summer feeling. I wore this to a military green tee and jeans and the combination was smashing.

The polish is a creme polish with a smoth and good formula. I used three coats, but two might be enough. It depends on how picky you are.

12 april 2011

Collistar Blue jeans

Collistar is an italian brand that I have never tried before. But it was a pleasant surprise.

Blue jeans is a marine blue creme polish with a very smooth formula. Two layers is enough to get full cover and the result is very good.
The brush holds a lot of paint though so you have to remove a lot before you start painting.

The color is really nice, it is rich and glossy. I do like it, but I have seen it before. But, hey, isn't there dupes everywhere now?

11 april 2011

Mavala Art collection

Yesterday evening, coming home from the movies with my man, I felt the smell of summer. It had been raining, and I love that smell that comes with rain against asfalt. It is so fresh.

And in the summer I love wearing bright, poppy colors. Actually, I like that all the time, but especially in the summer. So, I was happy when I received the coming summer collection from Mavala the other week.

It is called The Art collection and contains of six creme colors. I received these four:

Waikiki Orange. An orange with corall wibes.
Blue Curaçao. A bright turqoise.
Cyclades blue. A bright blue.
Touch of Provence. Lavender purple.

OPI Sparrow me the drama + Silver shatter

Sparrow me the drama from OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection is a mild, pastell pink with a bit of dirt in it. All the polishes from the Pirates-collection has that dirty look. I like that. Otherwise these pastells wouldn't be so much pirate like.

But although this pink color has a dusty look, it is still sweet. I can see myself wearing this to a summer party, with a nice flowery summerdress on.

The formula is a bit thin but I am able to control it. The first and second layer gets a bit streaky, so a third layer is necessary to even it out.

Then, to make this polish a little bit more interesting, I added the new Silver shatter. It is good that OPI is launching another crackle color, and I know that more are coming.

The Silver shatter takes a bit longer to dry than other crackle polishes that I tried. And that is good because then I have time to make corrections without destroying the manicure.

On Sparrow me the drama I do think though that result is a bit pale. I think the silver shatter would look better on stronger, more bright, colors.

5 april 2011

New polishes from Collistar

Collistar is a brand I have never tried before so I got happy for these three that were sent to me the other week. Collistar is an italian brand.

The colors are:

Confetto perla. A very sweet , bright pink with silver micro glitter. This might be too sweet for me, but lets see.
Blue jeans. A medium dark blue creme. Looks very nice in the bottle.
Mandarino lacca. Red-orange creme polish, perfect for when you have a tan I think.

Well, as usuall. To be seen on my nails soon...

4 april 2011

OPI Pirates of the Carribean

I have received the summer collection Pirates of the Carribean from OPI, six creme polishes and a silver shatter. Oh, I am excited. This will be fun to try out, the colors are pastell but a bit dirty. A pirate kind of pastell I guess.

The colors are:

Planks a lot. A lavender purple.
Sparrow me the drama. A sweet pink.
Steady as she rose. A light pink with a hint of purple.
Skull & Glassbones. A greyish beige.
Stranger tides. A light green.
Mermaid's tears. A bright fifties green.
Silver shatter. A silver crackle polish.

To be seen on my nails soon...

I have been off skiing

Sorry for the bad updates on the blog but I have been on vaction with my darling man, just me and him. So nice. We have been cross country skiing in the mountains in the north of the county Dalarna in Sweden. Really nice. The views from the mountains were so beautiful and we were very lucky and got really good weather.

And of course, my nails looked smashing the whole time, wearing Flashbulb fuchsia from OPI.

My mountain nails.

This is me taking a lunchbreak up on a mountain.

This is my man skiing.