9 november 2011

OPI Suzi takes the wheel

Hmm. I have a little problem deciding what kind of color Suzi takes the wheel from OPIs fall collection Touring America really is. Is it a light, light green (kind of an avocado gone bad) or a smudgy grey? It is different depending on the light, sometimes it is more green, sometimes it is more grey.

But I like it. It is a cool color. Sophisticated on its own, but fun to maybe layer and do a gradient with some glitter on.

It is darker on the nail than in the bottle, as you can see.

The formula though was a bit thin and runny. I had some trouble controlling it and it was a little streaky (not really visible on the photo, but I see it). Two coats was enough though to get full opacity.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I can't decide what color it is either but its really nice on you.

  2. Yes, it does look nice on you. I like it.