14 november 2011

Cult nails Unicorn puke

Today I am showing you one of my favourites at the moment, Unicorn puke from Cult nails. Yes I was able to get one of those numbered, limited edition bottles. At first I thought there was no point to even try to get one, but I tried and was so happy when I succeded.

So, how is the polish then? Is it more than a really cool name? Oh yes. It is. I am in love.

It has a sheer blue toned purple base that is filled with flakies in green, blue and something I would call pink gold. It is really beautiful, it sparkles even in the Swedish grey light that is now in November.

But since it is sheer it takes four layers to build up some kind of opacity, so maybe this polish is best for layering. And when layered it shifts character, depending on what color you layer it over. I choosed to layer it over a color that is pretty close to the base, the purple creme Grape pop from China glaze. The result is fantastic I think. I am loking forward to try more combinations.

The formula is great and it is easy to control on the nail. The flakies is easy to spread over the whole nail.

If you like this it is not to late to get a bottle. Unicorn puke will come back, but under the name Clairvoyant from Cult nails. Same, same but different.

From the top one, two, three and four layers.

Unicorn puke layered over Grape pop from China glaze.

7 kommentarer:

  1. this is GORGEOUS!!!! So happy for that you could get one of those limited editions.. I like that "same same but different" I saw this phrase in Thailand, on a tee shirt. Should have got it! hehe. This is just.. stunning! Perfect choice to layer under Unicorn Puke! :)

    Sandra Feng <3

  2. Gimmeh! Så jäkla awesome. Men man vill ju ha Unicorn Puke, inte Clairvoyant.

  3. Snyggt!!! Vill också ha... Om Clairvoyant är lika snygg som denna så gör det mig faktiskt inte så myciket att namnet är bytt. Visst Unicorn Puke är ju ganska mycket coolare, men jag kan leva med det ^^

  4. I can't wait to get my bottle! I snagged the new Super Powers Collection when they had the pre-sale so I should have Clairvoyant next week YAY! I love it over Grape Pop, looks REALLY good on you Catharina!

  5. Oh my this is so beautiful! This is what I need in my life to cheer me up.

  6. This is gorgeous, I need this <3