25 maj 2011

OPI Grape...set...match

The color I was most eager to try from Serena Williams collaboration with OPI Glam slam UK was the purple foil polish Grape...set...match. And I am not disapointed now that it is on my nails. It is so beautiful. It is mostly purple, but there is pink and blue in there as well. There is not so much shine though so I use some Seche vite to get some extra gloss.

Ther formula is really good and easy to paint with. I might could have settled with two layers but took a third one to be on the safe side. I hate it when I discover later that I missed a spot.

This will definetely be a favourite this summer.

OPI Glam slam UK by Serena Williams

Ooohh, I was jumping up and down at home when I received the Glam Slam Uk collection from OPI. I just love these polishes and I can't wait to try them on.
Just look at them. The beautiful foil purple that is irridiscent as well, the silver foil that is a bit black and the silver glitter. How can you not love them? I think that it is good that this Serens collection doesn't have a shatter polish, instead there is something different.

Swatches are coming up soon!

Grape...set...match, Your royal shine-ness, Servin'up sparkle

19 maj 2011

OPI Stranger tides

This is one more polish from OPIs Pirates of the carribean collection. Like the rest of the polishes in the collection this creme polish is also a bit dirty. This has a kind of green, like light dirty avocado green if you know what I mean. I am a bit divided about this color, it is cool in one way, because it is something special, but still, it is not so pretty. But with the right clothes, I would wear it.

The formula is good, very easy to paint with. I need three layers to get full opacity.

6 maj 2011

Essie Aruba

Look at this blue polish. Isn't it fantastic? Out of all the blues that I have, Essie's Aruba is my absolut favourite. This metallic blue is vibrant, rich and makes my nails spark.

I bought it in Paris last year, it was love at first sight, and my first Essie polish. It is easy to work with and only needs two layers for full opacity.

But, I get tipwear within half a day and chipping too. It has been so every time I have used it and therefore I don't use it so often. And that is too bad because the color is absolutely beautiful. I have no other blue that can match it.

                                                                On my nails in France.

5 maj 2011

I put on some glitter...

I longed for some glitter and wanted to do something more with my manicure with the polish Below deck from China glaze so I added some glitter and created a gradient with the help of Today was a fairytale from Deborah Lippmann.
It is absolutely one of my favourite glitters of all time, I like the coloured base which makes it great for gradients and the glitter is like small, small mirrors and reflects the light.
The combination of the two turned out really well I think.

But I didn't stop there, I wanted to do something more. So I topped it all with Black Shatter from OPI. And wow, now something is really happening on my nails. I love how the mauve color shines thrue on half of the nail and the glitter on the other half.

What do you think?

Different skintones on the photos? Yes. Different lights. The bottom photo is actually how pale I am.

China glaze Below deck

I am continuing to try on the polishes I have from the Anchors away collection from China glaze and today I have Below deck on my nails.

Below deck is a muddy mauve creme polish. It reminds me a lot of Metro chic from Sephora by OPI. But I must say that I am not thrilled about this color. Well, it is a nice and sophisticated color. A safe choice, the one you could wear to work with out a problem. So, to me it feels a bit boring.

The fomula though is higly pigmented and one coat is almost enough for getting full opacity. But just almost, so I put on another layer to make sure it looks good.
The polish is also a bit on the thick side.

4 maj 2011

H&M Check me out

This season is actually the first time that I have been longing for coral shades. I have always thought they are a bit boring and that I am too pale for them, but now I am looking for them thinking why not? They do look pretty.

Check me out is a coral pink polish from H&M. It is a cheap brand, I paid 39 kronor which is about 4 euros.

The polish is a creme pink polish with coral tones. It is highly pigpented and if the formula would be a bit better two layers would be enough. But I need three layers because the formula is a bit streaky and the surface becomes a bit uneven with just two layers. I also think that the formula is a bit too thick.

Well, it a nice color, but not anything I am jumping up and down for.
Not this time.

3 maj 2011

OPI Mermaid's tears

The dusty mintgreen Mermaid's tears from OPIs Pirates of the Carribean collection reminds me of american cars from the fifties. In the city where I live, every summer, there is a big car show called Power meet and people come from all of Europe with their old american cars. And then I see this color everywhere.
When I come to think of it this is also the color of the clothes my dentist is wearing. But hey, doesn't cars sounds better?

Anyway, I like the color, even if it is not what I would usually choose. But it works really good when I want my nails to be noticed actually. And I like that it is a bit dirty.

The formula is a bit streaky and I need three layers to get a good result. But it is easy to paint with and smoth to work with.

2 maj 2011

OPI Glam slam

When I first saw the first photos of OPIs collaboration with tennis star Serena Williams, I didn't like it. Colors like Simply smashing are usually not my cup of tea. But, hey, I can change.

Now I am wearing Simply smashing and I like it. The mix of green and yellow, which reminds me of a tennis ball, is quite nice. I am also a fan of the metallic foil finish.
The formula though is a bit sheer. To get the result I like I need to use four layers. The polish though is easy to control on the nail. 

Simply smashing comes in a duo pack with Black shatter, OPIs crackle polish. And I must say that in combination Black shatter I think Simply smashing looks its best. Black shatter makes the green-yellow stand out.
To paint with Black shatter though is a bit tricky and requires some training. Be quick, I can say.

Always when I wear some kind of crackle polish I get lots of positive comments from people I meet. And the same today. People thought my nails looked smashing today.