29 september 2012

China glaze Jungle Queen

I have one polish that I keep looking at in the beauty shop, Paradoxal from Chanel. I think it is really beautiful and I keep telling myself that I will buy it one day. So far I haven't been able to justify it with over a hundred untried polishes and around 800 others. But, on my nails today is something just as good as Paradoxal.

This is Jungle Queen from the On Safari collection from China glaze. It is a muddy purple with a grey tone and a hint of lilac shimmer. To me this is very similar to Paradoxal, kind of close enough.

The formula was perfect and I used two coats to get opacity.

28 september 2012

OPI You only live twice

It has been a rainy week in Sweden. Bad, bad fall weather. So the light for photographing nail polish has not been the best, but I managed to take some photos of  a real beauty in the begining of the week.

You only live twice from OPIs Skyfall collection is a magenta pink shimmer polish packed with glassflecks. It reminds me a lot of Let me entertain you from OPIs Burlesque collection, but I think You only live twice is a bit darker, but it is the same kind of finish.

You only live twice shines on the nails. Even though this kind of color is seen now and then, I still like this a lot.

For opacity I used two coats. I had some trouble though controlling it on the nail, it slipped away several times and got on my cuticles.

21 september 2012

OPI Live and let die

The man I have at home, he was shaking his head yesterday. He was watching a movie and I was sitting by the desk in the livingroom painting my nails. As usual. When I was finished I showed him my nails and he said "Hm, I don't like black polish".
"But this is not just black! Can't you see? It is has a green tone and golden glitter!" I responded. Talking really fast.
Then he was shaking his head even more. And I was just smiling. I have accepted that he will never understand this polish addiction that I have.
It is lucky I have you, my lovely readers.

The polish he was shaking his head at was Live and let die from OPIs wintercollection Skyfall. OPI call this a private jet black, hm. I don't really know what that means. To me this is more a dark, dark green. It has a dark green glitter and golden glitter that makes it feel like something more than just a black. Of course, the golden glitter is more visible in the bottle than on the nail. On the nails it gives the polish a depth. I like this one!

The formula was really great. It is very well pigmented so it is almost opaque in one coat. But I did two coats.

Isadora Silk road

I didn't mean to buy this. I went to buy some other colors from Isadoras autumn collection Jewels of the orient, but they were already sold out. But when I saw Silk road, I totally fell in love. Although it has gold glitter. I normally don't like gold. Not on jewellery, not on my clothes and not on my nails. It is not just me. But this, this is something else.

Silk road is a blue foil with gold and purple flecks. This is so beautiful on the nails. It is intense but stil subtle. And the glassflecks makes it sparkle very nice. Way to go Isadora!

The formula was great. It was easy to work with, which I think foils often are, and I just needed two coats for opacity.

20 september 2012

Went to a party

Yesterday, on a regular wednesday, me and a friend went to a bookreleaseparty in Stockholm. And when I go to a party I like matching my nails with my outfit. So, on my nails Olé caliente from Essie.

OPI Don't talk Bach to me

I tried to be a little crazy last week. Try something on the nails that normally isn't me, okey that can change from day to day but still, I know what I normally like, then the type of color can change from seson to season. You know dark colors in the autumn, pink, bright stuff in the summer. And lots of glitter when winter. But, Don't talk Bach to me didn't do it for me.

Don't talk Bach to me is from OPIs Germany collection. It is a color that stands out a little bit from the rest of the collection. It is with a green tone, or is it green with a yellow tone, with a silver shimmer. In the bottle it looks a bit interesting, but on the nails it just looks like, well, puke. It is not just beautiful.

But, hey, the formula was great. Two coats did it for opacity.

19 september 2012

OPI The world is not enough

Okey, so here we go. The first polish to be tried from the Skyfall collection from OPI. I couldn't resist it very long and why should I? This is fun. And there are many polishes in this collection that I am longing to try.

The world is not enough is like a silver foil with a pink tone. Lots of pink actually. In the bottle it looks like it would be a duochrome and have a bit of green as well, but that is not so visible on the nails. The color is beautiful, but I am not wowed actually. I thought I would be, because it looks really great in the bottle, but on the nails it feels a bit safe.

The formula was on the thinner side, but three coats did it for opacity. It was easy to work with though and control.

News from OPI - Skyfall collection

Yesterday something really interested landed in my mailbox. The Skyfall collection, the James Bond-inspired winter collection from OPI.

This is a collection filled with everything. Cremes, glitters, foils, shimmers. There is a lot of gold, of course, what else is James Bond if not gold?

My favourite though, from the look at the bottles must be the glitter The living daylights. Big hexagon glitters in silver, gold, turqoise and a kind of peach in a clear base. I think I can do something fun with that. I also like the intensely purple shimmer Tomorrow never dies.

Anything you want?

Die another day, Skyfall, The spy who loved me.

The living daylights, Live and let die, Goldeneye.

Casino Royale, You only live twice, Tomorrow never dies.

The world is not enough, On her majesty's secret service, Moonraker.

Isadora Night flight

You know how it can be sometimes. You want to paint you nails, but you can't decide which color. The other day, I tried on at least five polishes before I was satisfied. I was painting a nail or two, but just felt, no that is not right for today. It just didn't feel right, I can tell you my six year old, who is quite used to his mums nail polish addiction, was shaking his head by then. But the five first ones I tried were light colors. Beige, pink, nude. But they just felt meh. But when I put on a dark, blue one everything just fell in to place. I am all for dark right now.

So, Isadoras Night flight is what made me happy that day. This is a dark, midnight blue with a silver shimmer. The silver shimmer is mostly visible in the bottle and on the nails it shows mostly as a metallic effect. I like this. Okey, I have seen this kind of color before, but still, it is lovely. It is bold and cool, far from sweet.

The formula was really good, the polish is well pigmented and I needed two coats for opacity.

18 september 2012

OPI Deutsch you want me baby?

The leafs on the trees are not orange yet where I live in Sweden, even though I do see some yellow ones on my morning walks with my dogs. But if I could decide one color that is autumn, that I would like the autumn to have, it would be Deutsch you want me baby? from OPIs Germany collection.

Deutsch you want me is a warm, redish orange shimmer polish. I love this kind of finish. It is easy to work with, and on the nails, especially this color, it is glowing. I just can't take my eyes of this one. I think this one also looks much better on short nails than no long. I think it would be too much on long nails.

The formula was great and I needed two coats for opacity.

17 september 2012

News from China glaze

I am still enjoying the autumn and all the new collections. These were sent to me the other day from China glaze, it is three polishes from their collection On safari.

I herd that. A glitter with gold and orange. For being gold, I think it looks interesting.
Jungle queen. I like this smoky purple. But then I have been wanting to buy Paradoxal from Chanel for a long time and this looks like a dupe. Or something.
Purr-fect plum. A berry creme. Lets see how it is on the nails.

I herd that, Jungle queen, Purr-fect plum.

Went shopping

Keep me in for a few days and then let me loose in the beautyshops. A dangerous combination. I was sick last week and after resting for three days I had 15 minutes in the city and I bought three polishes. I couldn´t resist.
Look at the purple Tatjana from Make up store for example. So beautiful with its shimmer. And Silk road from Isadoras collection Orient express. I fell in love. Cloudy blue from Max factor may look like just a blue it it is a duochrome with a purple shimmer that I got interested in. Will be fun to try.

Silk road from Isadora, Tatjana from Make up store and Cloudy blue from Max Factor.

5 september 2012

L'oréal Paris Avenue

It didn't take me long to try on Paris Avenue from L'oréals new fall collection. And I love it.

This is a dove blue creme. A dirty kind of blue with a grey tone. It is wonderful. The look feels fresh but still soft on the nails. This I will use many times, it goes with most clothes and this kind of blue is wearable to most occassions.

The formula was great to work with and I like that the wide brush is a bit pointed. It makes it easier to control where the polish ends up.

Fall collection from L'oréal

This fall L'oréal was inspired by Versailles in France for the nail polish collection and the result is a collection with only one dark color and the rest are kind of light.
My favourite is Paris Avenues, a dove blue creme that caught my attention at once. The rest though, don't do it for me. Not at once at least. What do you think?

Rose cashmere, Creamy angora, Paris avenues, Soft chinchilla, So chic fox, Bordeaux escape.

4 september 2012

Essie Miss Fancy pants

I am all for grey on my nails. But a greige? Hmm. First to be tried from Essies fall collection is Miss Fancy pants which is a greige creme.

This is a quite ordinary color. I am the type who wants my nails to make a statement, but with this on they kind of disapear. At the same time I think it is a quite sophisticated color, a go-to-a-job-interview color.

The formula was great though. Two coats and I got full coverage. I am also starting to get along with Essies new brush, the wide one. At first I thought it was too wide, but I am starting to get used to it.

3 september 2012

Fall collection from Essie

I love this time of the year. The weather, the chilly air, the resons to stay in the sofa but also the reasons to get up and out. And I love seeing all the new collections coming.

Today I am cheering over Essies fall collection, a collection of six cremes. The star of the collection according to Essie is the moss green Stylenomics and when looking at the bottles I agree. But I also like the kind of the red Head mistress and the smudgy looking purple Recessionista.

Miss Fancy pants, Recessionista, Stylenomics.

Head mistress, Don't sweater it, Skirting the issue.

Meet Essie

Okey, this has nothing to do with nail polish. Or maybe it does. It may show how much I do love polish.
Since almost three months I have another love in my life, a puppy and I named her Essie.
After the nail polish.

My two dogs, Leia and Essie.