28 oktober 2011

Isadora Cherise

Pink. I love a bright pink. Especially if I am wearing grey clothes. Or black. As I often do.
So how about this bright pink from Isadoras trend collection this fall?

Cherise is a varm bright, pink creme. I looks a lot like their Power pink, which is in their trendcollection for summer, but Power pink is colder.
I like this kind of pink, even though it is not an unusual color. You can find this kind of color within any brand.

The formula though was a bit thick and needed some work to get it even. Also because of cuticle drag I needed three coats for full opacity although it is well pigmented and two coats should be enough.

The Liebster blog award

Lovely Amanda at Amandalandish has nominated me to The Libster Blog award. Thank you! That is so sweet of you and it makes me so happy. This is an award given to up and coming bloggers so I am flattered.

Well, of course I want to pass this on and give this blog award to others. There are many to choose between, there are many who deserves this.

There are also a few rules to follow:
- Copy and paste the award on your blog.
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- Reveal your top five picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
- Hope that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers.

So, here are my nominees:

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27 oktober 2011

Essie Power clutch

I got a whole bunch of untried Essie polishes at home so lets try another one. Well, I have a whole bunch of all kinds of untrieds but lets not think about that...too many polishes, too little time.

Anyway, on my nails is Power clutch from Essies fall collection. This is a creme polish that is both grey and green and sometimes both. I like this. Mostly it is grey, if I put it next to something green it definetely looks grey. But in some lights it looks like a soft greyish military green. Follow me?

The color is cool but still sophisticated. And the fomula was really good. Two coats and I got opacity. Essies brushes are quite thin, I am beginning to like that, although I can't use it like the way Essie herself says you should with just three strokes per per nail and layer. My nails are to wide for that, I need like four.

26 oktober 2011

Isadora Metal Mauve

I am falling more and more in love with Isadoras polishes, especially this falls trendkollektion. Today I am showing you Metal mauve from the Swedish make up brand.

Metal mauve is a purple polish with a silver shimmer. This is beautiful. The color is cool, a bit saturated but a statement with the metallic look. Follow me?

But still, I don't like the brush. It is way too wide. I like it a bit thinner. The wide brush may work on my fingernails, but I could never paint my toenails with this. It is way to wide for that. (And yes, I paint my toenails although it is cold and I am not showing them.)

The formula was good, smooth, and I only needed two layers for full opacity.

Let me present the winner...

So, the giveaway is over and I have a winner. Thank you all for participating and reading my blog. I am very grateful for that.

And the winner, of a all Swedish giveaway, is: Chelsea@Thenailnetwork !!!!!!

I will now e-mail the winner and she will have three days to respond, otherwise I will pick a new winner.

What the winner gets.

23 oktober 2011

Essie Lady like

I got to show what I had on my nails when I met Essie Thursday. Lady like from Essies fall collection. Essie herself really liked it on my nails. What else would she say? But, hey I agree. This is the kind of soft pink that I like.

Lady like is a dusty rose pink creme. The fact that it is dusty makes it less sweet and that I like. I like this, and the first I wanted to try from the collection. It is sophisticated and well, lady like.

The formula was a bit tricky though. I had to work a little bit to get an even result because the formula was a bit thick. To get it opaque I used two and a half coats. Two full coats and then som fixing.

22 oktober 2011

OPI Spark de Triomphe and White shatter

It took me some time, but last weekend I got around to try  the Serena Glam slam with the polishes Spark de Triomphe and White shatter on my nails. But I am not jumping up and down for them.

Lets start with Spark de Triomphe. This is a champagne colored glitter, silver and gold glitter in two different sizes in a clear base. I like the color, although I am not such a big gold fan. But it sparkles and shines a lot, and that I really love.
It takes a lot of coats though to get it opaque, I gave up at four. And as you can see on the photos there is still a very visible nail line. But since I was covering this with White shatter I didn't mind.

So then on to White shatter. I am not a big shatter fan, it just never caught me, although I have tried it several times. And White shatter doesn't make me like it more.

White shatter is supposed to crackle on the nails. But it doesn't. Well, on some nails, but not on some. It just looks messy, like a sloppy manicure. And the white, it reminds me of tipex. Like I painted my nails with tipex (I tried that once as a kid, didn't look good). So, White shatter is not for me.

21 oktober 2011

Essie Bobbing for baubles

I am off to the theater soon with my man, but I have to show you what I am wearing on my nails. Bobbing for baubles from Essies winter collection Cocktail bling. And I am in love. This is the one in the collection that got my heart going the most.

This is a beautiful sapphire blue. A rich, creme color that is also a bit dusty. Very nice. Although it is satuarated it has an amzaing glow and shine. Love it!

And the formula, well, it is sooo good. The polish is so well pigmented so one coat is almost enough to get it opaque. But I put on two because that is how I do it.
It was also very smooth and really easy to apply.

Essie Cocktail bling

Of course, at the event with Essie yesterday everyone got a goodiebag with Essies coming collection Cocktail bling. And let me just say, it is beautiful. I like this much more than the fall collection, maybe because the colors are much more me. I also like the softness in the colors.

The thought with this collection is that the colors should accentuate your accessories. Good thought! Sometimes I feel that if I am wearing a very glittery polish I can't wear any rings or bracelets.

The colors are:

Bangle Jangle. A soft, light purple creme. Very nice.
Bobbing for baubles. A dark, sapphire blue. A bit dusty. This I am in love with.
Size matters. A ruby creme. Looks beautiful.
Cocktail bling. A light, light blue almost grey.
Brooch the subject. A nude creme. Not my kind of color.
School of hard rocks. A soft jade green. Really cool looking.

To bee seen on my nails soon... Very soon.

We also got another box with polishes, with the favourites from Essie. Will be fun to try, I didn't have any of them before.

Essie herself in Stockholm

Every third second an Essie polish is sold in the world. Imagine that. Every third second.
No wonder Lóreal wanted to buy Essie. And so they did.
And since Essie recently was launched here in Sweden at the beautystore Kicks, Essie Weingarten herself was in Stockholm yesterday. And so was I.

Essie is a personality. She is professional, she is friendly, a really good speaker and when you speak to her personally it feels like she listens. In 30 years she has built a successful company, started back in 1981 with a collection of 12 polishes. Three of them are still in production, one of them is Burgundy, a deep winered.
Essies interest in nailpolish started when she was a little girl and she got her nails painted in the hair saloon.
- It was the only time my mother could get me to sit still, she says.
Later, she thought everyone was just paying attention to what they looked in their face, but didn't bother about their nails. So she started her nailbrand Essie.
And since then she is setting the trends she says.
- Who set the trends with blues? You are looking at her!
Essie came with her first blue 27 years ago.
She calls nail polish affordable luxury. It is a way to change a womans mood and when you look at your nails it is instant gratification. 

Essie doesn't do her own nails, every friday she goes to the saloon, same place for 20 years, and gets her nails done.
- It is the only time I relax she says.
Despite that Essie got 250 different colors to choose between, she likes wearing the sheer pinks. Ballet slippers, that also Queen Elizabeth of England wears, is her favourite. The names comes from Essies dreams about becoming a prima ballerina as a kid. But this day Essie is wearing one coat of Sugar daddy and one coat of Mademoiselle.
- It is my safety zon for my nails because I never know if I am gonna be in a business meeting with a lot of men who wouldn't understand colors.

Essies nails.

Essie also talked about her new collection of polish, Coctail bling. And here we are not talking glitter on the nails, we are talking colors that are supposed to accentuate your jewelery. One of the colors is the red Size matters, on of Essies many fun names on the polishes.
- I don´t know what you are thinking but I am thinking about diamonds! Essie said.

Me and Essie showing off our nails.

18 oktober 2011

Depend 262

This is not black. This is black with a silver shimmer that turns out matte on the nail. Which makes it graphite. I love it. It looks cool. Especially the matte effect.
And the polish, it is number 262 from Depends fall collection. A Swedish brand.

The formula though was a bit hard. It was thick and hard to work with and as you can see on the photos I got some brush strokes. But it almost covered with one coat, but I used two.

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Essies fall collection to try

The other day I got a fun package in my mailbox. Essies fall collection Brand new bag.

This is a muddy collection, a true fall collection with colors like plum, taupe and a light sweet pink that I just adore when I look at the bottles. Will be fun to se how it is on the nail.

The polish are all cremes, there is no shimmer, glitter or anything similar. Just plain creme. Why not? Lets keep it simple.

To be seen on my nails soon.

Power clutch, Carry on, Lady like.

Glamour purse, Very structured, Case study.

17 oktober 2011


So, here it is: My giveaway celebrating 200 followers!
I am so happy that you are reading what I am writing about such a thing as nail polish. It makes me smile every day!

And this is what you have a chance to win, they brands are all Swedish:

Make up store Greta - a great silver holo. I love this.
Isadora City Khaki - a shimmer.
H&M Blue my mind - a fantastic blue creme.
Kicks Cha cha red - a red creme.
Depend 250 - a light grey creme.
Depend 252 - a glitter, bright blue.

So, the giveaway is simple.
You have to be a follower through Google friend connect to start with. If you are not one already, become one now! Then, comment on this post (only comments on this post counts), telling me your GFC-name. That counts as one entry.
If you want another entry, you can blog about this giveaway in your blog. Then tell me in the same comment as the first one, that you have blogged and the url for it.

The giveaway is open international.

The giveaway ends at the 24th of October, then I will randomly pick a winner and e-mail that person. She (or he) will have three days to respond, otherwise I will pick a new winner.

Thank you for reading my blog!

OPI Color to diner for

I still have polishes from OPIs fall collection Touring America to show you. Lucky it is still fall...

Well, on my nails: Color to diner for. A soft red with subtle goldshimmer and there is also a brown tone whick makes it a bit rusty. Very autumnlike. If you want red, but don't want to be to much up your face, this is a color for you. I think this color is nice, but I am not jumping up and down for it.

The formula was smooth, maybe a bit thin, but still two coats was enough to get it opaque.

I reached 200 followers!

Tjohooo! as I would say in Swedish. I have reached 200 followers!!! I am so happy for that. And it means that I will make you happy and present my give away later today.

So make sure to check in again, and make sure you are a follower, otherwise you can't participate in the give away.

13 oktober 2011

My first candy mani

I have been reading about it, so I wanted to try it. A candy mani where you layer different polishes with a glitter in the middle and a jelly on top. So I did.

I choosed two berry toned polishes and one pink glitter. First I took one layer of the creme polish Manicurist of Seville from OPI, then one layer of the glitter polish Teenage dream from OPI as well and then last a layer of the jelly polish Do you think I am tex-y? from OPI.

The jelly seals the deal but still you see the glitter, like floating in there.

I like this. I like that it is sparkly, but not too sparkly. How about you? Have you tried this?

Don't forget that I am having a giveaway when I reach 200 followers! So come on, become a follower now.

12 oktober 2011

OPI Rising star

It is chilly in Sweden now, this morning there was frost on the grass for the first time. So it is really fall now. So how about a polish that looks like the leafs now? Rising star from OPIs Burlesque collection that came out last year.

This is a rich copper foil that shimmers a lot. This is not the color I normally fall for, but it is beautiful. No doubt about that.

The application was easy and I used three layers for full opacity.

I received an invitation...

This is fun. Very fun.

The other day I got an invitation from Essie. They are launching their new collection Coctail bling, with a coctail. And I am invited.

And guess who is gonna be there? Essie Weingarten, the founder of Essie.

In the invitation there was a box with a beautiful bracelet, the idea is that Essies coming collection will accentuate your accessories. It will be fun to see the polishes.

So next week I am meeting Essie for a coctail. How about that?

11 oktober 2011

I really shouldn't...

Looking at nail polishes on the web can be dangerous. There is so much that I want. I just fell in love with this red polish, Ruby red hue, from Nailgirls christmas collection. Isn't it beautiful?  It looks like it has that metallic finish that I adore.

Orly Fowl play

I haven't had nailpolish on the whole weekend. Yes, it actually happens. This time because I was putting up wallpaper in our new bedroom (one of my other big interests in life is interior design, I was editor for my newspapers weekly edition about interior design for five years, nowdays I just use what I know about it at home) and I didn't want to get nail polish marks on the wallpaper. But yesterday things went back to normal and I added a bit of glamour to my life again in the form of Fowls play from Orly's fall collection Birds of a feather.

Fowl play is a dark purble jelly with blue and silver glitter and flakies that shifts from red to yellow and green. It reminds me of one of my favourite polishes, Merry midnight from OPI, but Fowls play has more colors.

I am a bit divided about this polish. At one moment I love it, at the other I actually think it is boring. It is beautiful though, and the flakies gives the dark purple a new dimension.

The formula was good, no problem to work with. I used three coats for full opacity.
A warning though, it doesn't work well together with Seche vite. It made the top coats schrink so it actually looks like I applied it sloppy.

7 oktober 2011

Isadora Beetle green

Bright red yesterday, beetle green today. One thing I love about nail polish is that you can change it so easy and ad a little color to your life. Especially if you are like me and love black and grey on clothes.

Today I am wearing Beetle green from Swedish make up brand Isadoras trend collection. This is a forrest green polish with a metallic finish. The color is rich, a great fall color but works for Christmas as well.
In the bottle it looks like it is a tiny, tiny bit duochrome, there are some blue flashes, but it is not visible on the nail. Too bad. It would have been cool.

The formula was very good and it was opaque in two coats.

6 oktober 2011

Models own Red alert

I hade planned to do something fun and creative with my nails yesterday evening, but time was not on my side so I decided to pull out a safe card and paint them red. Red is never wrong. So I used a polish I forgot to show you in my haul from Scotland, Red Alert from Models own.

Well, this I bought on a sale for only 1 pound at Heathrow airport. Very well spent money I think. It is a regular red polish, bright and with a slight orange tone, with a jelly finish. It looks good, I like the jelly finish. It is not a wow polish though, but still I think I will wear this a lot. I like wearing red (and my man likes it too. What is it with men and red nails?)

The fomula was a bit thin and runny, but still easy to work with. I used three coats, but I think two coats are enough on short nails.

And remember, when I hit 200 followers I will announce a giveaway, so please become a follower!

5 oktober 2011

How I do the clean up.

I got a question from one of my blog readers the other day about how I do the clean up after painting my nails.
Well, I don't usually have to do so much clean up, but it goes like this:

If I totally mess up a nail, I start over. Remove it and paint again. That simple.
But if I just get a little that goes up on the cuticle I take my wooden cuticle pen and remove the polish. It usually works.
If it is a little more polish I use my corrector pen from Boots. It works good.
If the polish on the cuticle isn't connected with the polish on the nail, I usually wait until it is dry and I am in the shower. Then I can just scrape it off.

Planning a giveaway

I am getting close to 200 followers which I am so happy about! I remember when it was just my man (who is NOT interested in nailpolish, but I forced him) that was my follower when I started this blog. Today you are 182 who follow me. Lovely!

To celebrate this I decided to host a giveaway that will become reality when I hit 200 followers.

When I have 200 followers I will post more about it but I can tell you now that you will have to be a follower to enter, it is international and the stuff I will send out will be Swedish.

How about it?

Rimmel Disco ball

Okey, let spice things up. I took yesterdays manicure with Depends purple polish number 261 and added a bit of sparkle with the help of Disco ball from Rimmel, another polish I bought in Scotland.

Disco ball has a clear base, some small silver glitter and some medium sized light purple and blue glitter. Perfect for layering. So I took just one layer of Disco ball of my creme polish, and it got a lot more fun, even though I didn't expect so much out f it. Hmm, really must be in some glitter period right now.

4 oktober 2011

Depend 261

Purple is one of my favourite colors to wear on my nails. Along with silver, pink, red, blue...and some more.

The polish 261 from Depends fall collection is a bright light purple creme polish that I like even though I am not superimpressed by it. It is a normal purple creme.

The formula was smooth and two layers was enough to get opacity. That is good.

3 oktober 2011

Barry M Shocking pink

It is time for another pink. This time Shocking pink by Barry M that I bought when I were in Scotland this summer. It is my first Barry M polish that I am trying.

The polish is a fuchsia creme polish, a color that I must love because I have several of this kind from different brands. I keep on buying them, forgetting that I have something similar at home. Well, well, it is a good color though, strong but still a bit satuarated. It was hard to catch the actual color with my camera, it is brighter in real life.

The formula really good, smooth, and it covers in just two layers.

A good pink.

2 oktober 2011

China glaze Blue iguana

It's fall but I am wearing a polish from China glaze summer collection Island escapes, the blue Blue Iguana.

This is a beautiful blue foil polish that is dochrome. Love that! It sparkles a lot because it is filled with lots of small, small glassflekes and now and then it flashes in to purple. So cool! To bad I didn't get around to it until now, would have loved this on my toes during the summer.

The formula was a bit thin, but I settled with three layers although I still could see som visible nail line.

1 oktober 2011

Oh my holo!

I played with my nails a little bit yesterday. First I painted them with the silver holo Greta from Make up store. I love that polish. But then I wanted to ad a little more sparkle, make them really blingy. So on Greta I added three layers of  Disco ball  sparkle from OPI, it has a clear base and then small silver glitter and bigger hex holo glitter.

I love the result, it looks a bit icy.

So what am I doing with these party nails today? First work, then I am having dinner with my wonderful man and all the children, then we are hitting the sauna. Great for the cuticles! Haha.