30 september 2011

Isadora Crème de la crème

Hm, I am a bit divided about this one. Crème de la crème from Isadora looks good in the bottle. It is a crème colored polish, like light, light beige, with a subtle shimmer.

But on the nail the shimmer disapears and it is just beige. At some moments I think it is quite nice, but other moments I miss the wow factor. The thing that makes me want to look at my nails over and over.

The first layer was a streaky, so in the end I needed three layers for full opacity and an even result.

And a warning, I used Seche vite over this, and let me just say, Isadora and Seche vite is not a good combination. Seche vite just makes the Isadora polish shrinks too much.

29 september 2011

OPI Divine swine

It is Thursday, why not pretend it is Saturday and party and take a look at some glitter? I have Divine swine from OPIs collection The Muppets to show you.

This is a bright purple glitter. The base is clear and then there is lots of small purple glitter and some bigger hexagon silver glitters. So it is like the green Fresh frog of Bel air that I showed you last week, but purple.
Wearing this I start wishing though that OPI could have done some more variation with the glitter in this collection, not build them the same way and only change color. Okey, I know there are some variation, but still...

Anyway, this is a beautiful purple, I like the brightnes, but it do need four layers to build up some kind of opacity. I also tried layering it, then I first used two layers of Plugged-in-plum from OPI and over that I used two layers of Divine Swine. So a total of four layers anyway, but the result looks better when you layer it I think.

The formula was good and I had no problem with it.

Divine swine layered over Plugged-in-plum.

News from Color club

I actually haven't tried Color club. Not even one single polish from them. But their coming collection Backstage Pass sure wants me to. It looks great, all those glitters.. I want them now!

I am especially interested in the red-pink Fame & Fortune. Those flakies looks great.

Take the Stage, Wish Upon a Rock-Star, Backstage Pass, Platinum Record, It's a Hit!, Fame & Fortune.

I brake for manicures with some Glow up already!

I did this some time ago. Put some Glow up already from last years Burlesque collection from OPI over I brake for manicures from OPIs Touring America, as a kind of a french manicure.

What do you think?

28 september 2011

Shade parade with Chanel

This is fun. Chanel has made a little movie, or what you should call it, presenting some of their nail polish shades. Okey, you might not see so much of the actual colors, but I like the idea.

So, take a look at Shade parade.

News from Models own

Look at these. Models own is in November coming with a collection called Beetlejuice, five multitonal shades. Each shade is made from four colors blended together.

The colors are (descriptions from Models own):

Golden green. A fresh energetic acid.
Pinky brown. A warm rusty pink.
Purple blue. A vibrant punch of fuchsia indigo.
Aqua violet. A true sky shimmer.
Emerald black. A bold-blackened midnight peacock.

I think they all look fantastic, but I really want to get Purple blue, Aqua violet and Emerald black. You?

Some shopping on the way to work...

I hurt my back this morning working out (isn't training supposed to be good for you?), so feeling sorry for myself I bought two polishes on my way to work. Both I have wanted since I first saw them.

The ones I bought are these:

Britta from Make up store. A pink holo. I am really looking forward to wear this.

Notoriously beautiful from H&M. A purple-blue creme. Like it.

To bee seen on my nails soon... I hope, I have so many untried polishes right now, why did I buy two moore?

Isadora in the US

I got a question from one of my lovely readers:
Can you buy the Swedish make up brand Isadora in the US?

Yes, you can. I checked it up with Isadoras PR people. You can buy it there, but not in regular stores, only on the web. And the webshop who has it is Cosmeticmall.
They only have their basic collection though, and not their season collections.

Wearing Red Alert from Isadora.

Isadora Moroccan blue

Fall has really arrived to Sweden, the air is chilly and some days it rains a lot,  and I have a perfect the perfect fall polish to show you. It is Moroccan blue from Swedish make up brand Isadoras trend fall collection.

This is dusty blue creme polish. The color is rich and saturated, really nice.  Maybe it is not so unique, but that doesn't matter. I like it.

The formula was really good, easy to paint with, I guess I am getting used to Isadoras very wide brushes as well (although I still think they are too wide). It is well pigmented so it was almost so one coat was enough, but no, it did need two.

27 september 2011

Fall trends from Isadora

The Swedish make up brand Isadora has a trendcollection that they keep updating through the seasons. The other day eight of their new polishes landed in my mailbox for the fall and winter. Or well, one of them I have seen before. Red Alert has been in a trend collection before, but it is a good color so why not keep it in there?

I think they all look good in their bottles, all are colors I want to wear, and that is not so often that happens. I hope they turn out as good on the nail.

To be seen on my nails soon...

                 Red alert, brick red, Cherise, Crème de la crème.

Chateau grey, Metal mauve, Moroccan blue, Beetle green.

OPI Wocka wocka!

Like the roses in my garden. That is the color of the polish I am wearing. Red. Bloodred. And it so beautiful.
The polish I am wearing is Wocka Wocka! from OPI The Muppets collection.

When I first saw the promo photos of this polish I thought it was a creme polish. But it is not, this polish has a metallic shine that gives it a fantastic lustre. And I think it is so beautiful. Okey, maybe now you say that this is just another red, but it is not. This is amazing, I love it.

The fomula is really good, easy to paint with and I get it opaque with just two layers.

26 september 2011

Orly Sweet peacock

OMG! I am wearing such a beautiful polish. Can't stop looking at my nails. It is Sweet peacock from Orly's fall collection Birds of a feather that my friend Lotta brought home to me from the US.

This is a blue-turqouise foil polish that is darker on the edges of the nails, and brighter in the middle. It looks amazing. It looks a bit like Swimsuit...nailed it! from OPI, but this one is lighter.

The formula was a bit tricky. The first layer was messy and left bold spots on the nail. I have never experienced that with a foil polish before, they are usually so easy I think. But with a second layer I smooth things out and after that I don't have to paint anymore. Two layers is enough.

24 september 2011

H&M No Mambo jambo

For being Sweden H&Ms polishes are cheap. They costs 39 Swedish kronor compared to an OPI polish that costs 150 Swedish kronor (about 21 US dollars). And for those 39 kronor you get a pretty good polish.

I bought No Mambo jambo the other day, going through H&M quickly on my lunchbreak (you know, H&M once started their first store in the city I live in). I fell for the emerald green color, it was beautiful, even there being stressed and all.

And I am not disapointed after wearing it on my nails. It looks just as beautiful on the nail. My nails shine with this on.

The formula was quite good and I used three layers to get full opacity. But, as one of my lovely readers warned me, it did stain my nails when I took it off, although I used basecoat.

23 september 2011

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And take care everyone! It is Friday!

A green gradient

The other day I layered the green glitter Fresh frog of Bel Air from OPI by doing a gradient over the applegreen Cha-cha-cha from China glaze. And here is the result.

I like it, what do you think?

22 september 2011

Depend 258

The first polish I am trying from the Swedish brand Depend's fall collection is number 258. This is a mild purple-grey polish with a frost finish. And it dries matte. I didn't expect that!

The color is quite nice, it is sophisticated and safe. You can't go wrong when wearing a color like this.

The formula though is a bit thick and it is hard to get an even result. It covers well, one layer is almost enough but I take two.

                                                                        With top coat.

                                                                        Matte finish.

With top coat and sun.

21 september 2011

OPI Pepe's purple passion

Okey, I knew it would come. A polish that I don't like from OPIs The Muppets collection. It didn't attract me so much in the bottle and I must say that is not so much fun on the nails. I am talking about Pepe's purple passion.

This is a burgundy red polish with glassflecks in pink, purple and gold. You can see the glassflecks well in the bottle, but on the nail they are not so visible and the polish becomes kind of flat and boring.

The fomula is also thick and it is hard to get an even result. You can see that on the photo, it doesn't look good around the cuticles. Two layers are enough to get opacity though.

20 september 2011

A little bit of shopping...

I like H&M's polishes. The ones I have tried have been good, so I wanted to try another one. I fell for this emerald green, No mambo jambo it is called. I think it will look beautiful on the nails.

Maybe they will get stronger now...

I made an investment the other day and bought Nail envy from OPI (it is quite expensive in Sweden), to help my nails get strong again, they have been breaking so much. I used Nail envy some years ago and liked the result so I will try it again.

I am doing it my own way though. Since I am changing nailpolish almost every day, I will use this as a basecoat. I can't have it on for a week and not change polish. I did the same way last time.

15 september 2011

OPI Fresh frog of Bel Air

A true glitter is on my nails today. Fresh frog of Bel Air from OPIs The Muppets collection sparkles a lot.

This is the same kind of polish as Gettin' Miss Piggy with it!, the first polish I tried from The Muppets. It has a clear base and then small green green glitter and then big hexagon silver glitters. The difference is that Gettin' Miss Piggy with it! had bigger red glitters as well which made it more opaque than Fresh Frog of Bel Air.

With Fresh frog of Bel air I need five layers to get it almost opaque, you can still see some spots where it isn't opaque. This is a polish more suitable for layering, than being alone. I will try to layer it these coming days and show you.

The color is fun though. It is a bright grass green. Maybe not a color to wear the first time you meet your boyfriend's mother, but something to wear on a relaxed, party night. Or like me, to work. But I think I can wear any polish to work...

14 september 2011

OPI Designer de better

It is autumn in Sweden and lately every day starts with rain. Lucky I have som sparkly polishes to light up my day. Today I am wearing Designer de better from OPIs The Muppets collection.

Designer de better is a foilpolish, which mainly is silver but with some copper particles. Look closely and you can see the copper, but the combination of silver and copper looks like a champagne color. It is really shiny.  Nice, sophisticated and cool. I like it.

The formula was good, I had to do a little bit of cleaning up because it was a bit thin, but it was no trouble. I needed three layers to get full opacity.

13 september 2011

Thank you to all my readers!

Since I started this blog I have had readers from 166 countries. People in USA, France, China, Kasakstan, Belarus, Brazil, Peru, Canada, UK, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Egypt, Australia, Thailand, Cambodja, India, Oman, Jordan, Morocco...the list is long, reads my blog.
And I am very grateful for that.
Thank you.

OPI Excuse moi!

I repainted my nails pretty quick, removed the grey and brought in the glitter again. So now I am wearing the pink polish Excuse moi! from OPIs The Muppets collection.

This is a glitter polish that beomes opaque in just two layers. I love that. It makes it so much easier. But, then it is because the base is not clear, instead it is pink, a mild, soft pink. Then there is pink glitter in two different shades and silver, green, blue, yellow and orange glitter. I think it looks great on the nails, it sparkles although it is a rainy day here in Sweden and no sun in sight. Unfortunately it was hard to capture the the sparkle with my camera.

The formula was a bit think, but it gave me no trouble.

And can you see? My nails are getting longer again. Makes me happy.

Kicks Metro grey

Half way through testing the Muppets collection I needed to take a break from glitter and glamour and try something more subtle on. So I ended up with a grey creme on my nails. It is Metro grey from Kicks make up, a new Swedish make up brand launched by the beauty store Kicks.

Metro grey is an ordinary steel grey creme. Nothing more exciting. It is subtle and sophiticated though, and that could work. This is no problem wearing to work or some formal event. Can look good with grey jeans and a tee as well.

The fomula was a bit streaky and thin. I needed thre layers to get opacity and I had to work with it to get it smooth and good looking.

Delivery from the US

A friend of mine, Lotta, moved to the US this year. Last week she was home in Sweden för a week and knowing my love for polish she brought some for me. Am I smiling or what!

She came home with two Orly polishes and one from Ulta. Lovely. The two from Orly are the blue-green foil Sweet peacock and purple Fowl play from Orlys fall collection. The Ulta polish is the dark blue creme The Skinny. Looking forward to wear them.

12 september 2011

OPI Meep-Meep-Meep

I have spent the weekend in our cabin in the woods, picking lingonberries and mushrooms, taking walks with my son and the dog and playing cards and eating sweets with my love in the evening. I love that kind of life. Simple. But, I did ad some glamour by wearing Meep-Meep-Meep from OPIs The Muppets collection.

This is a fuchsia pink shimmer polish with small glassflecks. The color is bright and beautiful, but still I feel: Haven't I seen this before? It sure looks a lot like The one that got away from OPI Katy Perry, even if The one that got away was a bit darker and blackened.
But, still, it is beautiful, but no wow. This polish is not a must for me.

The formula was a bit thick, so it needed some work, but instead I only needed two layers for opacity.

It was really hard to take a good photo of though, the second photo is taken with my mobile and that shows the actual color the best. And you get to see some lingonberries as well!

10 september 2011

Gettin' Miss Piggy with it! over a red creme

I got some suggestions that Gettin' Miss Piggy with it! would look good over a red creme. So of course I had to try it. And I like the result. The glitter became so much richer when I layered it over Color so hot it Berns from OPI. A good combination!

I used one layer of Color so hot it Berns and two layers of Gettin ' Miss Piggy with it!

Do you like it?

9 september 2011

OPI Animal-istic

The other day my friend Vicktoria told me that she was looking for a red but orangelooking polish. I think I found it for her, at least if she can live with some pink and gold as well. Because Animal-istic from OPI The Muppets collection looks like something she would like. And I like it too. My nails are glowing today with this on.

Animal-istic is a shimmer polish that really makes you nails stand out. The color may not be unique, but still it is very beautuful. It is almost a bit duochrome, the red sometimes shows a bit of pink, and sometimes the red becomes a bit more orange.

The formula was really good. It is almost so one coat would have been enough, but I took two to boost the color a bit. It was easy to paint with, easy to control.

8 september 2011

OPI Rainbow connection

Okey, now we are talking serious glitter. The multicolored Rainbow connection from OPIs The Muppets collection really makes my nails sparkle. And I love it.

Rainbow connection is a glitter polish with a clear base. Then there are at least three sizes of glitters, round and hexagons. There are silver, orange, yellow, pink, green and blue. The main impression though is silver. This looks so cool! It is fun. It is wonderful. It is party. I could wear this any day, hey it is a normal workday today and my nails sparkle! I am not wearing any rings today though because my nails look like small jewels. It would be too much with rings on as well.

The fomula was a bit tricky. I have to work with the glitter to get in the right place. I needed three and a half layers for full opacity. First three layers, and then I did some touch up on some places.

This is absolutely one of my favourites from the collection, if I can say so after trying on three of them. More is coming up though!

Fall collection from Depend

The Swedish make up brand Depend comes with a new collection for every season, twelve colors in small bottles. The fall collection contains of mainly blue, green,  taupe and purple colors. Nice, saturated fall colors. Mostly creme, but also shimmers.

I like the turqiouse number 255 and the purple 254, at the first quick look.

To be seen on my nails soon.

From the left: 262, 258, 254, 255, 264, 261. 

From the left: 259, 260, 256, 257, 253, 263.