31 augusti 2012

Paradox from Isadora

Swedish make up brand Isadora launches the collection paradox for the autumn. With that comes three polishes, a brown, a blue and a red.

Femme fatale. Ok, red is never wrong. And this bloodred creme looks great. Must try.
Metropolitan. This is a dark, brown creme. I normally don't like browns, but here I think that this might work with the right clothes.
Night flight. A dark blue with a silver shimmer. Like a dark evening sky.

OPI Every month is oktoberfest

I met a friend on my lunchbreak. She looked at my nails and loved what I was wearing. I told her, Every month is oktoberfest, from OPIs Germany collection. She thought it was beautiful. And I started talking about how easy it was to apply. "I love it when you get all nerdy" she said.
I love that. Yes, I am a nerd. A nail polish nerd. And proud of it.

So, Every month is oktoberfest, is a dark purple shimmer polish. At least in some lights. In the bottle it looks more winered and on the nails it looks winered as well sometimes. I actually choosed this to match my winered trousers, but compared to them it is darker and more purple.
It is a beautiful color, these kind of colors hasn't excited me for long but now I really have an urge for them.
I also love the shimmer in these kind of polishes and the kind of metallic look that they give.

The formula was great and I needed two coats for opacity.

30 augusti 2012

OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok fine!

The first polish from the Germany collection to be tried on is Nein! Nein Nein Ok fine! This is a dark grey cream with hint of green. Mostly it looks just grey though, the green is just there a little bit, like a small whispering voice. Or something.

I think it is beautiful. It feels peaceful to look at. Like harmony on my nails even though it is dark. But it is almost autumn now here in Sweden. Things are getting darker.

The formula was good. It was smooth to work with but because of some cuticle drag I needed three coats.

Germany collection from OPI

I was in Germany two months ago, waiting for a train for a couple of hours in Cologne. I had been on vacation in London, got really sick, ended up in hospital and was forbidden to fly home by the doctors. So I had to take the train. From London. To Sweden. That took 28 hours and a couple of them I spent on a train station in Germany watching a fotball game on teve in a pub eating ice cream. At that moment it felt a bit absurb.

I must say that the Germany collection from OPI is much more fun that my summer experience of Germany. Looking at the bottles I must say that I love this collection. The reds and orange look amazing, so vibrant. And the purple, Suzi and the 7 düsseldorfs looks great. I am so longing to wear a bit more vampy colors compared to some of all the pinks, neons and glitters I have been wearing this summer. The nude looking colors in the collection doesn't attract me as much though.

What do you think of this collection?

Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok fine!, Unfor-Greta-bly blue, Don't talk Bach to me.

Deutsch you want me baby?, Schnapps out of it, Suzi & the 7 düsseldorfs.

My very first knockwurst, Dont pretzel my buttons, Berlin there done that.

German-icure by OPI, Danke shiny red, Every month is oktoberfest.

29 augusti 2012

Bad, bad polish

Hm, something I don't like is if a polish discolor my nails. Recently I painted my nails with the turqoise polish Nail him from H&M. I loved the color on my nails, it was smashing. But when I removed it after wearing it for two days, my nails looked terrible. My nails were so stained although I had done everything right. I used base coat, I use a remover without oil and and I don't rub the polish when I remove it. I know how to take care of my nails.

So, I went back to my local H&M where I bought it and they took it seriously. They treated me to a manicure and gave me money for the bad polish, not much but still. And they contacted H&Ms quality department.
And right there, H&M failed. The quality department say that it is nothing wrong with their polish, that they have done all the tests and that I must have removed it wrong, used a remover with oil och didn't use basecoat. So they blame me.

But hey, I know I did things right, the problem is the polish. Look at my nails and see.

It is the polish to the left that destroyed my nails.

Sorry for the bad photo, I took it with my phone.