2 november 2011

Isadora Glitter graffiti nails

Well, I guess people must love this crackle-shatter trend because the make up brands keeps producing them. Swedish make up brand Isadora, who started the trend here in Sweden this time around (yes, I say this time around because I did test this trend about 17 years ago for the first time), is now coming with glitter crackle polishes. Isadora call their version of crackle polishes for Graffiti nails.

The glitter graffiti nails comes in four versions a gold, a silver, a pink and a blue. I like the pink the most, when I see them in their bottles.

And yes, I was kind of tired of the crackle trend, it never really caught me. But I am a glitter girl, I do love when my nails sparkle. So I will try these. Of course, who could resist?  

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