28 november 2011

Isadora pressevent

Last week I was to a pressevent where the Swedish make up brand Isadora showed their coming collections for the first hald of 2011. Of course I was mostly interested in the polish news (okey, I love all sorts of make up and use a lot of make up, but nail polish is what I write about here) and there are some beauties coming from Isadora. Colors that I want to wear on my nails.

The spring collection is called Pearls for passion and in there is a marzipan green polish. Looks fun.

Isadora also presented a nail art brush that will be in the shops after new year I think. I got that in the goodiebag so I will try it. I am not very good at nail art though, but I will try. I always try things once.

From the goodiebag: Silver sky, Marzipan, Gothic black and the nail art brush.

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