2 november 2011

Essie Size matters

This last weekend my man took me away on a romantic weekend in Stockholm filled with art museums, theater, hotel and tasty food. Of course I had to wear red then on my nails, it is the only color he likes on nails (again, what is it with men and red nails?). Lucky I love red as well.

And the polish on my nails was Size matters from Essies new collection Coctail bling. This is a ruby red creme, very beutiful. And the name, as Essie said when I met her in Stockholm two weeks ago, refers to the sixe of diamonds, nothing else... Well I don't have any diamonds (yet) to match it with, but it works very well anyway. It looks the best in daylight, at night some of the lustre disapears and it becomes more winered.

The formula was very good, very smooth and two coats were enough to get full opacity. As a top coat I used Essies Good to go, a fast dry top coat. I have used it for a month or so now and I think it works very good. It does not dry as fast as Seche vite, but it doesn't schrink the polishes as much as Seche vite can do.

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