24 februari 2012

Essie Olé caliente

Time for another bright polish, and that is from Essies spring collection Navigate her and called Olé caliente.

Olé caliente is a bright coral red creme. This may not be unique, but I like this color which feels a bit spicy and brightens up my nails. It doesn't always have to be glitter and pompoms. This is a great color for those hot summer days.

The formula was great and for full opacity I needed two coats.

This was also the first time I got to try Essies new thicker brush. This reminds me a lot of Isadoras wide brush, it aslo wide and flat. Well, I liked Essies thin brushes, I felt that I had control with them. These wide brushes will take some time to get used to, but I guess I will learn.

23 februari 2012

It is not like I need them...

I just couldn't help myself. I have at least 60 untried polish at home, so it is not that I need more. But I fell in love and couldn't ressit buying these three:

Kicks Riviera chic. A coral red creme from Kicks spring collection.

H&M Bella's choice. A bright, strong mint green creme.

Essie Dive bar. A bluegreen, oil-kind-of looking shimmer with some purple.

22 februari 2012

Depend 295

I do love a strong color on my nails. So today I am showing you one of Swedish make up brand Depends spring colors, a bright turqoise with the number 295.

This is a turqoise with a silver shimmer. The shimmer is mosly visible in the bottle though, once on the nail it looks more like a creme. It is a beautiful color, not unique though but I like how it pops on the nail.

The fomula is a bit thinck though and I need three coats because it is a bit streaky.

21 februari 2012

News from Essie

Essies springcollection Navigate her landed in my postbox the other day and I am more than delighted. Green, bright pink, orange, coral red and a light purple are all colors that got my heart pumping. Especially the coral red. And the purple. And the green. And hey the pink as well.
The only one that doesn't attract my is the peachy A crewed interest. But, who knows, maybe I will change my mind once it is on the nail. It has happened before.

With this collection Essie is also changing the brushes into something much wider. It will make my friends happy, they don't like the old thin brush, I have been able to handle it though. A verdict will come soon.

What do you think about the collection?

Navigate her, Olé caliente, To buy or not to buy.

Orange, it's obvious, Tour de finance, A crewed interest.

16 februari 2012

OPI I don't give a Rotterdam!

Spring is far from near here in Sweden, it is like - 6 celsius outside, in the last days we got more snow and everything looks like winter wonderland. But I keep trying on polishes from the spring collections, longing for spring. Today I have I don't give a Rotterdam! from OPIs spring collection Holland to show you.

I don't give a Rotterdam! (love the name by the way) is a dusty light blue packed with a silver micro shimmer. The shimmer is mostly silver but now and then I see a spark of gold and some other colors. It gives the polish a depth that I like.

I really like this polish, it is a blue I can wear most days. It is cool but subtle.

The formula was easy to work with but I needed three coats for opacity.

15 februari 2012

OPI Pirouette my whistle

The bride collection New York City ballet from OPI is a collection full of sheers but also a glitter that I got really interested in.

Pirouette my whistle is a silver glitter in a clear base. It contains of lots of silver micro glitter and hexagon shaped bigger glitter, also silver but these look a bit white, almost matte. I like the effect, it is glitter but still subtle. It works best a top coat though, when you want to do that little extra on your nails. Then one coat of this is perfect. I tried to get it opaque but gave up after four layers.

The formula was smooth and easy to work with. The glitter ended up a bit randomly on the nails but that is no problem I think, but it is necassary to turn the bottle a few times before you start painting so the glitter mixes.

One layer of Pirouette my whistle over Don't touch my tutu!

A pink sandwich

I have been playing around again with my polish and ended up with an sandwich on my nails. I wanted to try how the white jelly Don't touch my tutu! from OPIs upcoming bride collection works in a situation with two other polish.

So, I started with two coats of the pink creme Lady Like from Essie, then one layer of the pink glitter Candy cane from Color club. And on top of that I put one coat of Don't touch my tutu! which gave it all a soft, milky finish.

What do you think?

11 februari 2012

OPI Don't touch my tutu!

The first polish that I try on from OPIs upcoming bride collection New York City ballet is the white jelly Don't touch my tutu!

I like this polish the best when I use only one coat. Then it gives the nail a  fresh look. It is almost not visible on the nail but it is there. When I add another three coats I get a nice white color, but it is not opaque. But hey, it is a jelly, it is not supposed to be opaque.

The fomula is a bit streaky. The trick is to not have too little polish on the brush here.

Is this something you like?

One layer.

Four layers.

10 februari 2012

Isadora Silver sky

Well, when I don't find a blue sky when I look up I put it on my nails instead. And it is a beautiful silver sky that Swedish make up brand Isadora is presenting for spring.

Silver sky is a baby blue polish packed with micro silver glitter. I like this. It is sweet and cool at the same time and it makes me smile when I look at my nails.

And it is so easy to work with, which I often find this kind of polish to be. It is like the glitter gives the polish a substance and makes it easier to control on the nail. For opacity I needed two coats.

I also did a kind of french manicure using Bahama mama from Essie on the tips. It is agees since I last did something like this and I did it on free hand so it is not perfect. But I like the color mix.

9 februari 2012

OPI New York City ballet

Time for OPIs wedding collection, this year it is called New york city ballet. It contains of  five polishes with a jelly finish and a silver glitter. And of course, the colors are all sheer and subtle. Not the thing I would wear if I get married again, then my nails will have a strong, vibrant pink or some kind of red. But hey, not all want that.

But I can still see the beauty in the colors in this collection because I like the jelly finish. It gives the nails a glas look that I like. And the glitter is a bit unusall. It looks like the hexagon glitter parts are matte. Will be interesting to see how it turns out on the nails.

Barre my soul, You callin' my a lyre?, Care to danse?

My pointe exactly, Piroutte my whistle, Don't touch my tuto!

OPI Did you ear about van Gogh?

Hmm. I guess you have learned by now. Nude is not my color. It is not a color that makes my heart jump and nudes usually dont't work with my skintone. But hey, I keep trying them on. And people say I am stubborn...

Well, so, here is Did you ear about van Gogh? from OPIs Holland collection. This is a nude cream.  A safe color that you can wear to anything I guess. But to me it is a bit boring. I want something more to happen.

The formula though was great. Very smooth and easy to work with. Two coats were enough for opacity.

3 februari 2012

OPI A roll in the hague

I never thought I would say this because orange on my nails has never been my thing. But I have just learned that I never should say never. The reason is A roll in the hague from OPIs spring collection Holland.

A roll in the hague is a bright but saturated orange. Tomato orange I would call it because it looks a bit red sometimes. The color that dries on the nails is much darker than the one you see in the bottle. But I don't mind that. The end result looks cool and makes my nails pop, especially now since I shortened my nails insired by my friend Kristina who always have short nails. And this kind of color looks its best on short nails I think.

The formula was great, smooth to work with and for opacity I used two coats.

2 februari 2012

Essie Bangle jangle

Another purple, I do have soft spot for them. Bangle jangle (by the way love the name, I have a soft spot for bangles too) from Essies winter collection, the last of that collection for me to try.

Bangle jangle is a light purple creme with a grey undertone. The color is lovely, it is, but on me it feels a bit pale. I do need that humph I get with a strong color.

The formula was excellent though, esecially for being this kind of light creme, they easily gets streaky but not this one. For opacity I needed two coats.