30 juli 2011

Depend 243

The polish 243 (don't you think number names are boring and hard to remember? I think so) from Depend is a sweet polish. It is a light purple with micro silver glitter. The glitter makes the polish shine, but not sparkle. The color is nice, but not wow. Follow me? It is just a bit pale.

But, it is easy to paint with and you could get away with just two layers. But I do three. But that is me.

I might have to think about something more fun to do with this, maybe I could use it for layering somehow?

27 juli 2011

Summer colors in my mail

Two more polishes has landed in my mailbox. Since I never have tried Misa I wanted to and bought two from Misas summer collection. The pink Summer love and the blue Krystal water.

To be seen on my nails soon...

25 juli 2011

Isadora Beach khaki

Isadoras summer collection has both bright, strong colors and more light, a bit more sophisticated colors. Beach khaki is the later. It is a whiteish beige shimmer polish with some pink it. It looks a bit like a dirty pearl, if you can understand what I mean.

First layers with this polish is a bit streaky, but that evens out with two more layers. But you have to work with it. The formula is also a bit thick, and the brush is too wide I think. Like I always think with Isadoras brushes.

But the color is nice.

23 juli 2011

OPI Road house blues

Road house blues is the polish from OPIs Touring America collection that caught my attention the most.
It is a rich inkblue creme color with a hint of purple in it. It looks beautiful in the bottle, just because of the purple. But then on the nail it becomes a bit darker and the purple is no longer so visible. But it is still beautiful. It might not be unique, but I like it. Especially that you can see that it is blue, and not turns in to black which is so easy with a dark polish.

As well as with the brown Get in the expresso line from the same collection, this polish is a bit thin and runny and I have to do some cleaning up and even do one nail all over again because the polish slips away.

I use three layers to get opacity, but I think that two layers could have worked.

21 juli 2011

Black and pink

I wasn't supposed to buy another polish. Or two for that mather. But standing in line waiting to pay for a dress at H&M I saw these two beauties for the price of one. Who could resist the black Manhunter and the bright pink It's genious M then?
I think black is a great color to wear on my toe nails, because then I can wear any color I want on my fingers. And pink, well I am looking for the perfect pink...

19 juli 2011

OPI Skull & Glossbones

Skull & Glossbones might be my favourite from OPIs Pirates of the Caribbean collection. It has a sophisticated look, although the comparison that comes up in my head is bones. Skelletonsbones. It has a light, dirty grey tone with a hint of green that reminds me of bones. I like it and I think it looks good.

Like many pastells the first layers are streaky but after four layers it looks great. Sometimes a polish is worth four layers, and this is one. It is easy to paint it as well.

A color too keep. And use!

17 juli 2011

China glaze White cap

I am sorry, but White cap from China glaze collection Anchors away is not my cup of tea. Maybe that is why I have been putting it off trying it on.

Well, anyway, White cap is a white shimmerpolish with gold shimmer. And it is this gold I don't like,it makes my nails look stained and discolored. The color is also a bit boring. No, this doesn't do it for me.

It is easy to paint with though, but it is sheer and after four layers I still have a lot of VNL.

15 juli 2011

China glaze Cha Cha Cha

Cha cha cha from China glaze summercollection Island escapes is a polish that makes me happy. It is an applegreen shimmer polish. My nails looks like energyfields with this on. And I love this metallic shine on my nails.

The formula is good and easy to paint with.I settle with three layers although I do have some visible nail line. But it is okey here. The color is so bright so you don't mind it.

This is a real keeper I think.

14 juli 2011

Collistar Confetto perla

Confetto perla is the last polish out from Collistars summercollection. Earlier I have tried the orange Mandarino Lacca and the blue Blue jeans, two plishes that I liked.

Confetto perla is a bright, light bubblegum pink with silver and holo micro glitter. It is very sweet, too sweet for me. This is something my niece would like. It is just too pink if you know what I mean.  So you might guess it, but this is not a candidate for the perfect pink.

The formula is thin and after four layers it is still not opaque or good looking.

13 juli 2011

Depend 122

Another pink! I am not getting tired of them and I am searching for the perfect pink. Now it is the bright pink polish from Depends summercollection.

It is a pink metallic looking polish with a hint of blue and orange in it. There is a lot of shimmer in it. It is beautiful and kind of the pink that I am looking for.

The formula is good and easy to paint with, but I do find the brush to be a bit soft. A little harder would be good. Two layers is enough to get good opacity.

12 juli 2011

Depend 244

Depends coral pink polish 244 from their summer collection is a sweet polish. Perfect to wear to a wedding or a day at the beach. It has a light, jelly fomula that makes it a bit transparant, therefore I used four coats. It is also a bit runny so you need to concentrate.

I think though that the color doesn't suit me so well. At the moment I want a more vibrant color.

OPI Get in the expresso lane

First polish to be tried from OPIs upcoming collection Touring America is Get in the expresso line. This is a muddy, dark brown. A digging-in-the-dirt-in-the-garden-kind of color.
This is not really my kind of color usually, but with the right weather (that is not sun and summmer) and the right clothes it could look really cool and sophiticated I think. But I am not jumping up and down for it.

The polish is a creme polish with a formula is a bit thin and runny. I didn't really expect that. The opacity is good though, although that it feels thin. Two layers are almost enought to get it opaque, but I do another layer just to be sure. The color also becomes darker on the nail than it is in the bottle.

11 juli 2011

OPI Touring America

Finally I got around to getting a closer look at Touring America, OPIs upcoming fall collection. I have had it for a while and now I can say that some of the colors are starting to grow on me. At first I thought it was a bit boring actually, but maybe that is because the collection contains of a lot of cremes and dark colors and now it is summer and I want something bright on the nails.  

Anyway, Road house blues looks good I think. I like that kind of blue. I also like I eat mainely lobster that do feel like something to wear in the summer.

I got the collection in this little cute box.

Uh-oh Roll down the window, A-taupe the space needle, Get in the Expresso lane.

French quarter for your thoughts, Suzi takes the wheel.

Road house blues, Honk if you love OPI, I brake for manicures.

Color to diner for, My adress is "Hollywood", I eat mainly lobster, Are we there yet?

OPI It's my year

I usully don't like polishes with gold in them, they just don't go with my skin tone. But I can't halp falling in love with It's my year from OPIs Miss Universe collection. It is so beautiful, one of the most beautiful polishes I have tried in a long time.

It's my year is a amethyst purple foil polish with lots of micro gold glitter. But in some lights the glitter looks like silver, maybe that is why I love it. It shimmers a lot and I adore how the color and glitter is changing with different lights.

The formula is very good and it is easy to paint with, but I do need three layers to get opacity.

This is definetely the most beautiful polish from the Miss Universe collection.

Almost the same

Okey, what did I think here? On my search for the perfect pink polish I bought these two polishes: China glaze Rich & famous and CND Taffy pink.

I ordered them over the internet, at the same time. So why didn't I see that they look almost the same? They are not dupes, but they are very similar.

Will be fun to try anyway.

7 juli 2011

Kiko 251

When my old classmate Petra saw that I was looking for the perfect pink she sent me her favourite pink polish, number 251 from the Italian brand Kiko. Definetely a brand I have never tried, you can't find it in Sweden what I have seen.

The polish is a bright pink polish with a shimmer in it. There is also hints of blue in it as it is in this kind of shade.
The formula is good and I needed three layers to get a good finish.

I like it. It is a classic summer color. It might be a runner up for the perfect pink. If I will ever find a perfect pink.

Thank you Petra!

6 juli 2011

Depend 246

The babyblue polish number 246 from Depend is a nice surprise. It is a creme polish with a good formula that is easy to paint with. Two layers is enough to get an even and opaque surface.
Depend is a low price brand in Sweden, so I am happily surprised.

The babyblue color is not so unique though. It has a hint of turqoise in it but mostly it is blue. It is nice, but not something I am jumping up and down for.

3 juli 2011

Essie Funny face

Oops, there is a lot of pink on the blog at the moment. But then I am on the search for the perfect pink.

Funny face from Essie is a lovely pink creme polish. It is a mild, saturated color that almost looks a bit dusty. A very nice color. And guess what? I bought a dress that totally match this color. Now I just need an occasion to wear it to.

The fomula is good, but not perfect. It is a bit hard to get even so I need to concentrate and use three layers. But then it looks perfect.

2 juli 2011

Mavala Blue Caracao

Blue Caracao from Mavalas summer collection Art is a strong color. It is a rich turqoise cremepolish that makes a statement on you nails. I really like wearing bright colors in the summer so this is perfect.

The formula was great, smooth and easy to paint with, and I only needed two layers to get full opacity. I do not like Mavalas small caps though, I can never find a good way to hold them.

Even though I did like the color as it is I wanted to play around a bit and put on some Black shatter from OPI. Isn't the combination smashing? 

1 juli 2011

OPI Crown me already

Okey. Now we are talking. This is bling. OPIs Crown me already from the Miss Universe collection really takes it to the top when it comes to glitter and it really makes my nails sparkle, especially in the sun. The glitter reflects the sun like a mirror.

Crown me already has a clear base with silver glitter in several diferent sizes. To get a opacity I need three layers, but it dries quickly so it is okey. Because of the glitter though it is a bit chunky so I don't get so near my cuticles as I would like. I also use three coats of Seche vite to get a smooth surface.

I live this blingy polish. BUT. It chipped after 20 hours and that I don't like, especially since it takes forever to remove glitter polish. So, I am gonna choose my occasions well when to wear it.

China glaze 108 degrees

The other day when my stepdaughter and I were painting our nails we choosed the some color for once. And while we were sitting there painting we kept saying wow. Because 108 degrees from the Island escapes collection is so beautiful.

Okey, this is not a unique color. There are lot bright pink glitter polishes out there. But still, it is great. It has a microglitter that gives it a metallic shine, I think it almost looks it best in the night. Then the metallic feeling becomes more obvious.
The pink color is bright and intensive, and you look at the bottle you can also see a hint of orange there.

It is easy to paint with but needs three layers to get opaque. It takes a long time to dry also, even though I used a fast dry top coat. And that is a minus. I normally find foil polishes to dry rather quick.