30 januari 2012

Depend 300

Swedish make up brand Depend is a rather cheap brand. A bottle of 5 ml polish costs 25 kronor, which is about 3,50 US dollars. And yes, that is cheap for Sweden. But. The bottles are small, so the price per ml is high and the quality is uneven. You never know what you are getting really.

Anyway, todays polish is from Depends spring collection and it is a typical spring color, lilac purple creme. It is a lovely color but not unique.

The formula is a bit thick but still controlable. It is almost a one coater, but I put on two coats. The brush is also a bit uneven which makes the application harder.

27 januari 2012

Wet n wild Saved by the blue

Electrifying. That is the best word to descrive Saved by the blue from Wet n wild. The color is intense and magnetic. My eyes are drawn to my nails over and over again. I love this.

Saved by the blue is a metallic cobalt blue. It is a strong color that makes a statement on the nails. It is their and you can't avoid it. This is a color for the days you want to be noticed.

But, even though I loved the color and it was enough with two coats for opacity I dislike the brush. It was hard to work with because it more look like a broom with straws going in different directions. It made it hard to paint and get close to the cuticles.

Bad brush.

25 januari 2012

Zoya Neeka

It is time for one of the polishes I bought thanks to a Zoya promo on Facebook. I clicked home six polishes and one of them was Neeka.

Neeka is a soft purple with a greyish tone. It is packed with fine silver, gold and green glitter. First I was a bit divided about this color, thought it was a bit booring. But now I like it, it is cool and sophisticated and that fine glitter makes it something more.

The formula was good to work with. Smooth and easy and two coats gives full opacity. But, I get tipwear very quickly on this polish and that I don't like.

23 januari 2012

OPI Kiss me on my tulips

I never get tired of bright pinks. I have a lot of them, but keep getting more of them. So I was happy to see there is a bright pink one in OPIs coming Holland collection, called Kiss me on my tulips (I love that name by the way).

Kiss me on my tulips is a blue toned pink creme. The color is bright, intense and really, really pink. But even though I do like this color it is not unique, I have seen the kind before. But still, I like it.

The formula though needs a bit of work. It easily gets streaky when I paint, so because of that I need three coats for an even result. The fomula is smooth though.

22 januari 2012

Make up store Britta

I am so in love right know. Not just in my man, but in my nail polish Britta as well. It is so fantastic!

Britta is a pink holographic nail polish from Make up store, a Swedish make up store chain with their own brand. I bought it some months ago, but didn't use it until now. Why did I wait so long? It is a beautiful polish that is very holographic. It sparkles, shine and glitters.

I used a special base coat for holographic polish before I used Britta. I know some say it is not necessary, but I have it so why not use it? Then I appplied two coats of Britta for full opacity. It is easy to work with and easy to get even. But I recommend to buff the nails forst for a smooth surface. Holos need that.

Do you like it?

17 januari 2012

Collistar Blue lamé-mat

I have something really nice to show you today. This polish swoshed (can you say that?) me off my chair. Blu Lamé is a matt nail polish form italian brand Collistars winter collection that is just so beautiful.

Blu Lamé is denim blue polish packed with silver shimmer which dries to a matt finish. The color is soft, but still it makes a statement. It looks sophisticated but still cool. I just can't stop looking at my nails. It is fantastic.

And the formula, oh the formula. It is so easy to work with . I am in total control and it covers with just one coat.

16 januari 2012

OPI Gouda gouda two shoes

I can wear most colors on my nails to work, even glitter and bright neons. It works, although I most of the time don't know what my days will look like or what kind of people I will interview during the day.
But for all of you who can't go to work with sparkly nails or even a plain red, there is good to have a safe color.

For those occassions Gouda gouda two shoes from OPIs spring collection Holland could be a good choice. This is a rosy beige-brown polish with a gold shimmer, almost a brickred. The shimmer is not so visible, but gives the color a depth.

I think of caramel when I see this color. I think it is nice, but for me it is a little bit to safe. And I like something more bright on my nails. But I know lots of you will love this. And I can think outside my box. This is a great color to wear to work or to your grandma (oh, I migh sound a bit ironic there, but I thought of my grandma when I was this color at first, she would have loved this).

The formula was a bit thin, but still I got opacity with two coats.

15 januari 2012

Color club Secret agent

Purple is one of my absolute favourite colors when it comes to nail polish. And frost, or metallic as I think it is rather, is one of my favourite finish. So Secret agent from Color clubs collection Alter ego; Keep it undercover has caught me.

Secret agent is a very vibrant color. It is strong and it makes a my nails shine. The color is a bluetoned purple, so a blurple. It also looks a bit duochrome with a pink shimmer.

I adore this color, it is intense and I can't stop looking at my nails.

It needed three coats for opacity and it was easy to work with.

13 januari 2012

Essie Big Spender

When I meet Essie herself a couple of months I received a box of Essie polish with Essies favourites. I don't know if that is the truth or not, since Essie herself said that she only wears neutrals on her nails and red on her toes, and there are some other colors in the box as well. I fell for Big spender, both the color and the name.

Big spender is a bright dark pink almost violet creme polish. I love this color, it makes my nails pop and that I like. I love wearing this kind of color to dark clothes, it makes things a bit more cheerful.

The formula was great, smooth and easy to paint with. So far I haven't meet an Essie poloish with a bad formula actually.

10 januari 2012

Got some more polish

During the holidays our friends who lives in the US came over. And they brought nail polish that I had ordered and sent to them. Yeah!
It was a very quick order that I did one morning, Zoya had announced a promo on Facebook, so I acted quickly and ordered six polishes and got them really cheap. You should have seen me, I was lying in bed, reading Facebook on my phone, saw the promo and was up in a second and ran down to the computer. My hubby looked at me as if I was nuts.
I did the order so quick so I didn't really thinnk about what colors I ordered. I just clicked on some that looked good. And I am not disapointed. Now when I got them in my hands I think they all look lovely. Don't know which one to start with now.

Mimi, Adina, Neka.

Gilda, Kissy, Luna.

9 januari 2012

OPI Thanks a windmillion

Finally the cold temperatures has hit Sweden. This morning it was minus 10 and it was biting my cheeks on my way to work. Me and my hubby are hoping for even more cold weather so we can get some ice on the lake to go iceskating.

On my nails though it is spring. I got Thanks a windmillion from OPIs spring collection to show you. This is a mild, soft green with a creme formula. It reminds me asome of Mermaid's tears from OPIs Pirates of the caribbean collection, but it is not exactly the same.

This color is a bit soft for me. A bit meh..., I need more humf right now. So I added some glitter in form of Disco ball sparkle from OPI. And that combination I really like, they work well together.

The formula was great, smooth and covered with two coats. Perfect.

News from Depend

The other day I received the coming spring collection from the Swedish brand Depend. A collection that contains of mainly soft, rather blend colors except from a strong turqoise and a purple, both with a subtle shimmer. Those are also my favourites when I look at the bottles, the others are too soft.

With the spring collection I also got Depends Matte top coat. That I am looking forward to try.

6 januari 2012

OPI Vampsterdam

I have  some busy weeks behind me. Christmas, New year and this week I have been working evenings. At the moment my life feel a little bit upside down. My nails have been painted but there has been no time to write about them. But today I have something nice to show you, Vampsterdam from OPI.

Vampsterdam is one of the polishes in OPIs coming spring collection Holland. This is a aubergine coloured polish with a metallic finish. This is the darkest one of the whole collection, it doesn't feel so much like spring. But it is nice anyway, even if it is not unique.

The formula was good, but I needed three layers because of some cuticle drag. And if you wonder why the edges looks a bit smudgy it is because my top coat, Good to go from Essie, made the Vampsterdam schrink.