25 mars 2011

Isadora Miami Ink

I had a hard time deciding which polish to try on first from Isadoras coming spring- and summer collection. I think all look good, but I ended up painting my nails with the babyblue Miami Ink.

And it was a good choice. It is a bright, light blue creme polish with a neon feeling. It really makes my nails pop. It is so cool.

And the formula was really good. Easy to control and two layers were enough to get full opacity. I do think though that the brush is too wide. But I have written that before...

24 mars 2011

Snowcrystal Sparkling Aquamarine

I got quite fond of Denim blue from Snowcrystals springcollection so I wanted to try another one from the collection and bought the turqouise shimmer polish Sparkling Aquamarine. It was love at first sight when I saw the bottle in the shop.

But when I started painting with it I got disapointed at once. Not by the color, that is beautiful. Perfect for the summer, a day at the beach kind of color.

But the formula is terrible. It is thick, hard to work with and the result becomes bumby and very bubbly. I think it is visible in the photos. The surface is not smooth at all and if I hold my hand up against the light I can see lots of holes in the polish which are all the bubbles.
To get an even result I needed three layers.

No. This wasn't good at all. Hope the rest of the collection is better, I have one more to try.

Summercolors from Isadora

Yesterday this landed in my mailbox. Six polishes from the Swedish make up brand Isadoras upcoming spring and summer collection inspired by Miami. Total the collection got twelve different colors.

These are the ones that I got:

Miami blue. A bright, baby blue creme.
Ocean drive. Bright mint green creme.
Pink lemonade. Bright pink creme.
Glamour white. A white frost.
Beach khaki. A frosty mix between white and beige.
City khaki. A beige frost with some white in it.

I am especially looking forward to trying on the white actually. And the pink. I am on the search for the perfect pink right now.

18 mars 2011

Sephora by OPI Metro chic

This is actually not a typical Catharina color. I normally want something more bold. But today I felt for something more mild and put on Metro chic from Sephora by OPI.

Metro chic is a mud brown color with a hint of purple in it. On the photo you can see the purple a lot, but in real life it is not that visible.
I think it is nice for days when I want my nails to be a bit more anonymous but still be polished.

The formula was really good and easy to control on the nail and I only needed two layers for opacity.

16 mars 2011

Sephora by OPI Midnight mambo

I think I have a thing for the combination of blue and glitter at the moment, at least if you look at what Nailspotting sent me.

Midnight mambo from Sephora by OPI is a bright blue that sparkles very nice in the bottle.
Unfortunately it doesn't sparkle as much on the nail. I had hoped for more. It dries matte and bumby so a top coat is necessary. I used two layers of top coat but I should have used two more I think.

The formula is really good though and I only needed two layers to get full opacity.

14 mars 2011

Orly Royal velvet

This is just fantastic. I have the new polish Royal velvet from Orlys spring collection Precious on my nails and I just can't stop looking at them. This polish is just so fantastic.

But I must say that I was a bit surprised to see a color like this in a spring collection. It is not your ordinary bright and light color. Instead it is a dark purple duochrome with flashes of blue. It has a metallic, almost minx, feeling over it. Sometimes it looks purple and sometimes it looks dark blue. It so beautiful.

The formula though is a bit hard. It is thin and not very easy to control on the nail. Too bad. But the color is still worth the mess up cleaning.

13 mars 2011

OPI So many clowns...so little time

So many clowns...so little time is from OPIs collection Femme de Cirque also called the bride collection. But I must say I wouldn't like my nails to look pale like this on my wedding day. The day I get married my nails will be bright red!

Well, this polish So many clowns...so little time is a mild pink polish. I find this polish to bee boring. And the formula is not so good. The first layer was ok, but when I added a second one everything became streaky. I should have stopped at one layer.

12 mars 2011

Zoya Danni

The polish Danni is from Zoyas spring collection Intimate. I have a soft spot for purple and this polish caught my eye.

It is a bright purple with silver micro glitter. On the nails it ends up like a foil. The result is very sweet and nice, but I do think that my nails are too short for this polish right now. I want longer nails for this.

The formula is really good. I get full opacity in two layers and it is easy to control on the nail. I like that.

11 mars 2011

Another new one...

From Orlys spring collection Precious there was one polish that caught my eye. The purple duochrome Royal velvet. And now I have it...

See it on my nails soon.

China glaze Luna

Ooohhhh. This is so sweet. So lovely. And so glittery. China glaze Luna has a light blue base and then lots of micro silver glitter and bigger hologlitter. My kind of polish.

The formula is good, it is easy to paint with but I need three layers to get full opacity. It also becomes a bit bumpy because of the glitter so a top coat is absolutely needed.

The result is very beautiful, with a crisp, icy winterfeeling over it.

10 mars 2011

Look at these beauties...

With the kind help of Nailspotting, I got some wonderful polishes in my mail box yesterday. Some of these I have wanted so long.

Zoya Danni. A purple polish with a silver shimmer. From Zoyas spring collection.
China glaze Meteor shower. A dark blue jelly with gold, gren och blue glitter.
China glaze Luna. A light blue with silver and hologlitter.
Sephora by OPI Midnight mambo. A bright blue with silver and hologlitter.
Sephora by OPI Metro chic. A brownish beige creme with a feeling of purple.
Sephora by OPI Sparkle me silver top coat. A topcoat with long holo glitter. So cool.

I am so happy now! Lots of glitter to play with.

9 mars 2011

Come on Dior!

Some weeks ago I wrote about Diors spring polish Gris de Montaigne. A very beautiful grey shade that I fell in love with. But the formula was thick and I got lots of bubbles. After trying to paint with it several times and getting bubbles every time I wrote to Dior. I am not the type who sits quite in a corner when something is wrong.
I don't really know what I expected by writing to them but I got this answer:

Dear Mrs. Linder
We received your recent e-mail and wish to thank you for your interest in Dior.
We are sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with our New Dior Vernis. We would be happy to advise you about its application.
Before they are being launched, our products are fully tested, in order to guarantee their perfect quality. To avoid the result that your mentioned in your recent email, please make sure to shake the Dior Vernis before each used. For a perfect result, please apply the varnish in thin layers. It is also not necessary to wait until the first layer is completely dry before applying the second layer.
We invite you to visit our Fragrance & Beauty pages ondior.com. for tips and advise about our new collection.

Dior OnLine - Parfums Christian Dior

Come on. I know how to paint my nails, I have been doing it for twenty years. 
It is your polish that is bad, despite all your tests.
Face it.

Two more treasures from Sweden

I got two new polishes in my stash. One I got in Stockholm the other day. I was really satisfied with Snowcrystals Denim blue from their spring/summer collection so I wanted to try another one. And the turquoise Sparkling aquamarine caught my eye. It gives me a summer feeling.

The other polish I got from my friend Mette the other day. She came over for thé and had a flower and a nail polish with her for me. Isn't that sweet?
The polish is from Isadoras spring collection and it is called Mellow yellow. Looks nice. Will be fun to try because I don't have any yellow polishes.

7 mars 2011

Oh no, it is brooken!

Maybe you can´t really see it but my nail is broken. I don't like broken nails so I have decided that I will make this short and phile all my nails really short.

That is how I do it, if I break one nail, all nails goes. I think it looks the best when all the nails have the same length.

What do you do if you break a nail?

6 mars 2011

I am longing for summer

Winter has a tight grip on Sweden. Although I do take advantage of all the snow and is out skiing as much as I can I can't help longing for summer. So I did these nails. What do you think?

I started with Don´t mess with OPI from OPIs Texas collection, a grass green color. Then, when the polish was still wet, I put on some small butterflies. Cute I think.

And yes. I know. This is no manicure for doing the dishes.
But it is fun. And I like fun.