27 mars 2012

Spiderman collection from OPI

OPI keeps coming with new collections, I am always excited when some new bottles lands in my mailbox. This time it is the new brights collection Spiderman, since a new Spiderman movie is launching this summer.

So, what can you expect from a collection with a spiderman theme? I ould guess a red and a blue. At least. Well, there is no red, but a frosty blue called Into the night which looks fantastic in the bottle. The goldy green Just spotted the lizard looks like a dupe to Peridot to Chanel, but it sure looks nice.
There is also a shatter, of course, it connects to Spidermans costume a bit, but still, I am tired of shatters. But, I will try it.

Number one nemesis, Into the night, Just spotted the lizard.

Call me Gwen-ever, My boyfriend scales walls, Your web or mine.

Green shatter.

20 mars 2012

Kicks Riviera chic

I felt for some summer feeling in the very early days of spring (today with some snow) and took out Riviera chic from Swedish nail polish brand Kicks.

Riviera chic is a coral toned creme polish. The color might not be unique, but it makes me happy and give me that so loveable feeling of summer, warm weather and bright colored clothes. I love this on my finger nails but I think this will look good on my toes too.

The fomula though was a bit thin and required three coats and some work for opacity.

9 mars 2012

OPI You callin me a lyre?

Time for another polish from OPIs New York City ballet collection. This time You callin me a lyre? a pink jelly.

And being a jelly and a sheer pink makes this a polish that never will become opaque. So I didn't even try going there. Instead I painted two coats and was satisfied with that. It gives the nails a fresh, rosy, glass like look. Looks natural and fresh.

The formula was great and easy to work with. I often find this kind of shades hard to get even but the jelly formula makes this one easier I think.


I needed to boost myself the other day so I wanted to do some extra with my nails. I wanted something bright and glittery that made me smile.  So I took out the pink creme Kiss me on my tulips! from OPIs Holland collection and painted my nails with that. Then I wanted some glitter so I did a gradient with Servin up sparkle from OPI as well. But then I wanted some more glitter. So I added some holographic stars on the tip of the nails.

And then I was done. What do you think of the result?

8 mars 2012

News from L'oréal

It is always fun when a new brand hits the market. Well, L'oréal might not be new but their line with nail polish is. It is called Color riche le vernis and has 48 different colors to start with. The bottles are small, 5 ml, like Swedish make up brand Depend, but they have a more luxorious feeling.

The brush is also supposed to be different, it is wide and slightly bend which they say will make painting easier. I will get back to that.

I have received twelve bottles from the collection and a lot of them are popping. They look like candy! I like the apple green Green couture for example. And the teal Blue reef. Looking forward to try them.

7 mars 2012

When I want to keep things simple...

Red is never wrong. So when I want to keep things simple I keep coming back to red, and especially Color so hot it berns from OPI. A color I have used a lot lately.