30 juni 2011

I got some island escapes...

I finally decided to get some polishes from China glaze summer collection Island Escapes. I am not the type who needs to have every color in every collection. When I buy polishes I buy the ones I like.

So, these are the ones that caught my eye from the Island escapes collection:

Blue iguana. Blue with a hint of purple.
Cha cha cha. Apple green.
Semorita bonita. Purple with a hint of pink.
108 degrees. A rich pink.

To be seen on my nails soon...

OPI Congeniality is my middle name

Okey, every polish in a collection might not be smashing. Every polish can't make you jump up and down. And there must be something there for everyone. What I like might not be your cup of tea.

So, Congeniality is my middle name is the polish I am least excited about from the Miss Universe collection from OPI. There is nothing wrong with it, it is a nice berry-wine foil polish with a nice shimmer. I could absolutely wear this now and then. But there is not a wow-feeling in me when I see it.

The formula is good though, great as most of the OPI polishes I have tried, and it dries quickly. I needed three coats to get an even result, but then I am a bit picky. But that you should be I think when it comes to polish.

29 juni 2011

Summer from Depend

I got Depends summer collection in the mail and there are some goodies that I have fallen for. Like the coral pink, the bright pink and the light blue metallic.
I haven't tried the Swedish brand Depend so much earlier, tha last time was many years ago, so this will be interesting.

See them on my nails soon...

Collistar Mandarino Lacca

On midsummers eve my stepdaughter had a party at home. Me and my man were up in our summerhouse. When we came home she told me that the girls at the party had seen my nail polish collection and were totally amazed. They thought it was fantastic.
Well, and yes I have a lot of nail polish. A color for every occasion as I myself found out the other week. I had bought an orange dress for a party. Orange is not a color I usually wear, so I was thinking through my polishes and remembered that I had Mandarino Lacco from Collistar. And it was an exact match to my dress. Perfect!

The color is a saturated orange, on the border to being tomatored, and it is a creme polish. I like the color and think it works even if you are a bit pale as I am. The fomula is a bit thick so I have to work with it a bit, but two coats is enough to get it opaque.

And on the party, people did notice that my nails and dress matched. I love that!

Me, my dress, matching nailpolish and my man.

Essie Pink parka

I am in love. I am in love with a neon pink polish.
Essies Pink Parka that I ordered a while ago has become one my favourites. I love how it makes my nails stand out and I think it looks smashing on short nails which I have at the moment because they keep breaking.

The polish needs some work though and it requires four layers to get an even result, but I think that is the case with most neon polishes. They are a bit more difficult. And it is totally worth it.

It dries matte so I use a top coat to get it glossy.

I think it is a perfect color, but don't know if it is the perfect pink because it is not so suitable for all occasions. But still, WOW.

28 juni 2011

OPI Your royal shine-ness + Servin up' sparkle

I am a silver girl. I only wear silver jewellery (or white gold). So I also really adore silver on my nails. Ad a little glitter, some sparkle and I am all in.

So, OPIs Serena Williams Glam slam collections Your royal shine-ness and Servin up´sparkle fits me like a glow.

Your royal shineness is a silver foil with a blackness in it. I love that. It makes the polish a bit more sophisticated. This polish really sparkles in the sun.
The formula is excellent, but I did paint three layers with it to make sure I got a good result. Buy this if you get a chance when they come out in the shops.

To ad some more sparkle I put on Servin up'sparkle on top. It is a small silver glitter and bigger holographic glitter in a clear base. This is really just a top coat, I don't dare to think about how many layers it would need if wanted it to be opaque. But on top of the foil polish it is that little extra. It actually looks a lot like Disco ball sparkle from OPI that came out in 2009, but in Servin up' sparkle there is a bit more silver glitter and the silver glitter is a bit more matte, but the holographic is the same. Well, they are actually very similar I think. Not dupes though.

OPI Your royal shine-ness

OPI Your royal shine-ness + Servin up' sparkle

Discoball sparkle and Servin up' sparkle

Some more pink...

For my search for the perfect pink polish I ordered three pink Essie polishes a while ago. One has already become a favourite of mine.

The polishes are.

Knockout pout. A very sweet pink.
Funny face. A mild pink, yet intensive.
Pink parka. A neon pink.

27 juni 2011

OPI Planks a lot

Purple must be one of my favourites when it comes to nailpolish. And just with nail polish. I don't have so much purple clothes and I don't use purple in my home. But on my nails I think it looks smashing.

Today I am wearing Planks a lot from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection from OPI. It is a lilac purple creme polish that feels very much like summer I think. But it is not as dusty as the rest of the polishes in the collection I think.

The formula is a bit thin which leads to that I don't have full controll over it on my nails. I get some cleaning up to do.
To get full opacity I need three layers.

But, I love this sweet color.

16 juni 2011

OPI Miss Universe

When I saw the first photos of the Miss Universe collection I was thrilled. I love glitter so these four polishes are really talking to my weak spots. And yesterday I got the collection in my hands. And I am not disapointed.

The polishes are:

It's my year. This is the polish that stands out the most among the four. It is a duochrome purple with lots of gold. Looks very interesting.

Swimsuit...nailed it. A blue polish with microglitter. Looks great in the bottle.
Crown me already. This is the most sparkly polish in the collection. It is a mix with smaller and bigger silver glitter.
Congeniality is my middle name. A berry-wine polish with microglitter. Very nice, but a kind of color that I have seen before.

To be seen on my nails soon...