1 oktober 2011

Oh my holo!

I played with my nails a little bit yesterday. First I painted them with the silver holo Greta from Make up store. I love that polish. But then I wanted to ad a little more sparkle, make them really blingy. So on Greta I added three layers of  Disco ball  sparkle from OPI, it has a clear base and then small silver glitter and bigger hex holo glitter.

I love the result, it looks a bit icy.

So what am I doing with these party nails today? First work, then I am having dinner with my wonderful man and all the children, then we are hitting the sauna. Great for the cuticles! Haha.

3 kommentarer:

  1. This is really pretty! I like how the silver glitter still stands out against the silver base. Have a good time today! :)

  2. So sparkly and happy, that's a beautiful combo!