18 oktober 2011

Essies fall collection to try

The other day I got a fun package in my mailbox. Essies fall collection Brand new bag.

This is a muddy collection, a true fall collection with colors like plum, taupe and a light sweet pink that I just adore when I look at the bottles. Will be fun to se how it is on the nail.

The polish are all cremes, there is no shimmer, glitter or anything similar. Just plain creme. Why not? Lets keep it simple.

To be seen on my nails soon.

Power clutch, Carry on, Lady like.

Glamour purse, Very structured, Case study.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I have a few of these and love this collection. Have you seen the upcoming winter collection yet? It's gorgeous! Am currently waiting for my order. Puss puss

  2. Nails by Catharinaonsdag, 19 oktober, 2011

    I have seen the photos and I think I will get to see the new collection IRL tomorrow because I am going to an Essie-event. It will be so fun.

  3. De är så vansinnigt snygga. Jag står och petar, vänder och vrider på de här Essie-flaskorna varje gång jag är inne på Kicks. Men de är så fina och jag har så svårt att bestämma mig. Jag vill ha alla.