21 oktober 2011

Essie herself in Stockholm

Every third second an Essie polish is sold in the world. Imagine that. Every third second.
No wonder Lóreal wanted to buy Essie. And so they did.
And since Essie recently was launched here in Sweden at the beautystore Kicks, Essie Weingarten herself was in Stockholm yesterday. And so was I.

Essie is a personality. She is professional, she is friendly, a really good speaker and when you speak to her personally it feels like she listens. In 30 years she has built a successful company, started back in 1981 with a collection of 12 polishes. Three of them are still in production, one of them is Burgundy, a deep winered.
Essies interest in nailpolish started when she was a little girl and she got her nails painted in the hair saloon.
- It was the only time my mother could get me to sit still, she says.
Later, she thought everyone was just paying attention to what they looked in their face, but didn't bother about their nails. So she started her nailbrand Essie.
And since then she is setting the trends she says.
- Who set the trends with blues? You are looking at her!
Essie came with her first blue 27 years ago.
She calls nail polish affordable luxury. It is a way to change a womans mood and when you look at your nails it is instant gratification. 

Essie doesn't do her own nails, every friday she goes to the saloon, same place for 20 years, and gets her nails done.
- It is the only time I relax she says.
Despite that Essie got 250 different colors to choose between, she likes wearing the sheer pinks. Ballet slippers, that also Queen Elizabeth of England wears, is her favourite. The names comes from Essies dreams about becoming a prima ballerina as a kid. But this day Essie is wearing one coat of Sugar daddy and one coat of Mademoiselle.
- It is my safety zon for my nails because I never know if I am gonna be in a business meeting with a lot of men who wouldn't understand colors.

Essies nails.

Essie also talked about her new collection of polish, Coctail bling. And here we are not talking glitter on the nails, we are talking colors that are supposed to accentuate your jewelery. One of the colors is the red Size matters, on of Essies many fun names on the polishes.
- I don´t know what you are thinking but I am thinking about diamonds! Essie said.

Me and Essie showing off our nails.

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