21 oktober 2011

Essie Bobbing for baubles

I am off to the theater soon with my man, but I have to show you what I am wearing on my nails. Bobbing for baubles from Essies winter collection Cocktail bling. And I am in love. This is the one in the collection that got my heart going the most.

This is a beautiful sapphire blue. A rich, creme color that is also a bit dusty. Very nice. Although it is satuarated it has an amzaing glow and shine. Love it!

And the formula, well, it is sooo good. The polish is so well pigmented so one coat is almost enough to get it opaque. But I put on two because that is how I do it.
It was also very smooth and really easy to apply.

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  1. I like Bobbing for Baubles a lot too. I write a review on it on my blog.