6 oktober 2011

Models own Red alert

I hade planned to do something fun and creative with my nails yesterday evening, but time was not on my side so I decided to pull out a safe card and paint them red. Red is never wrong. So I used a polish I forgot to show you in my haul from Scotland, Red Alert from Models own.

Well, this I bought on a sale for only 1 pound at Heathrow airport. Very well spent money I think. It is a regular red polish, bright and with a slight orange tone, with a jelly finish. It looks good, I like the jelly finish. It is not a wow polish though, but still I think I will wear this a lot. I like wearing red (and my man likes it too. What is it with men and red nails?)

The fomula was a bit thin and runny, but still easy to work with. I used three coats, but I think two coats are enough on short nails.

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3 kommentarer:

  1. I don't know what it is with men and red nails either! Haha. My BF begs m to wear red but its such a powerful color... it intimidates me actually! This red looks very nice with your skin color though.

  2. Vad kul, jag visar också ett lack från Models Own i dag! Det här var tjusigt, rött är alltid lika fint!

  3. Red is DEFINITELY your color, it looks FABULOUS on you!