5 oktober 2011

How I do the clean up.

I got a question from one of my blog readers the other day about how I do the clean up after painting my nails.
Well, I don't usually have to do so much clean up, but it goes like this:

If I totally mess up a nail, I start over. Remove it and paint again. That simple.
But if I just get a little that goes up on the cuticle I take my wooden cuticle pen and remove the polish. It usually works.
If it is a little more polish I use my corrector pen from Boots. It works good.
If the polish on the cuticle isn't connected with the polish on the nail, I usually wait until it is dry and I am in the shower. Then I can just scrape it off.

1 kommentar:

  1. Interesting. I used to scrape but now I'm converted to the brush/acetone method.