30 september 2011

Isadora Crème de la crème

Hm, I am a bit divided about this one. Crème de la crème from Isadora looks good in the bottle. It is a crème colored polish, like light, light beige, with a subtle shimmer.

But on the nail the shimmer disapears and it is just beige. At some moments I think it is quite nice, but other moments I miss the wow factor. The thing that makes me want to look at my nails over and over.

The first layer was a streaky, so in the end I needed three layers for full opacity and an even result.

And a warning, I used Seche vite over this, and let me just say, Isadora and Seche vite is not a good combination. Seche vite just makes the Isadora polish shrinks too much.

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