22 oktober 2011

OPI Spark de Triomphe and White shatter

It took me some time, but last weekend I got around to try  the Serena Glam slam with the polishes Spark de Triomphe and White shatter on my nails. But I am not jumping up and down for them.

Lets start with Spark de Triomphe. This is a champagne colored glitter, silver and gold glitter in two different sizes in a clear base. I like the color, although I am not such a big gold fan. But it sparkles and shines a lot, and that I really love.
It takes a lot of coats though to get it opaque, I gave up at four. And as you can see on the photos there is still a very visible nail line. But since I was covering this with White shatter I didn't mind.

So then on to White shatter. I am not a big shatter fan, it just never caught me, although I have tried it several times. And White shatter doesn't make me like it more.

White shatter is supposed to crackle on the nails. But it doesn't. Well, on some nails, but not on some. It just looks messy, like a sloppy manicure. And the white, it reminds me of tipex. Like I painted my nails with tipex (I tried that once as a kid, didn't look good). So, White shatter is not for me.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I felt the same when I tried this combo. Spark de Triomphe is very nice but I really dislike white shatter

  2. Oh no! Sorry this didn't work for you. I'm not a huge fan of the crackle look either, but I have Color Club's white 'fracture' polish in Clean Break and I'll make an exception for it. It works beautifully!