27 oktober 2011

Essie Power clutch

I got a whole bunch of untried Essie polishes at home so lets try another one. Well, I have a whole bunch of all kinds of untrieds but lets not think about that...too many polishes, too little time.

Anyway, on my nails is Power clutch from Essies fall collection. This is a creme polish that is both grey and green and sometimes both. I like this. Mostly it is grey, if I put it next to something green it definetely looks grey. But in some lights it looks like a soft greyish military green. Follow me?

The color is cool but still sophisticated. And the fomula was really good. Two coats and I got opacity. Essies brushes are quite thin, I am beginning to like that, although I can't use it like the way Essie herself says you should with just three strokes per per nail and layer. My nails are to wide for that, I need like four.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Vilken härlig färg! Den blev jag verkligen sugen på att skaffa :D

  2. Inspirerad av dig var jag och shoppade två Essielack idag; ett Lady like och ettGuchi Muchi Puchi (herregud! heter det verkligen så?)
    Men jag var sugen på det du testade i inlägget och det där mörk mörk röda som jag inte har en aning om vad det heter.
    Träna nästa vecka?
    Crossfit måndag?