11 oktober 2011

Orly Fowl play

I haven't had nailpolish on the whole weekend. Yes, it actually happens. This time because I was putting up wallpaper in our new bedroom (one of my other big interests in life is interior design, I was editor for my newspapers weekly edition about interior design for five years, nowdays I just use what I know about it at home) and I didn't want to get nail polish marks on the wallpaper. But yesterday things went back to normal and I added a bit of glamour to my life again in the form of Fowls play from Orly's fall collection Birds of a feather.

Fowl play is a dark purble jelly with blue and silver glitter and flakies that shifts from red to yellow and green. It reminds me of one of my favourite polishes, Merry midnight from OPI, but Fowls play has more colors.

I am a bit divided about this polish. At one moment I love it, at the other I actually think it is boring. It is beautiful though, and the flakies gives the dark purple a new dimension.

The formula was good, no problem to work with. I used three coats for full opacity.
A warning though, it doesn't work well together with Seche vite. It made the top coats schrink so it actually looks like I applied it sloppy.

6 kommentarer:

  1. I love this color! It's on my wishlist. Not a color I usually would wear, but it's so different... hahah

  2. Jag tycker att den ser fin ut...
    Vad är det som gör att merry midnight är en favorit medan denna känns tråkig? Jag får känslan av att eftersom denna har mer färger så borde den vara roligare än MM... Tycker du att det är värt att ha båda? Jag funderar nämligen på att skaffa denna men vet inte riktigt om jag vill ha den för att den är snygg eller för att den är hypad :)

  3. it seems cute, i would like see it in the real world before i buy it

  4. Nails by Catharinatisdag, 11 oktober, 2011

    Annie: Jag vet faktiskt inte, kanske är jag lite mätt på Merry midnight. Ändå är ju Fowls play annorlunda.
    Den är ju absolut hypad, men värd att äga. :)

  5. Okej, tack så mycket för svaret! :)