7 december 2010

Nailgirls Pink no 12

Okey, this is just wow. I have never tried the Nailgirl polish before and when I bought it I didn't know anything about it or what to expect.. But I gave it a shot. And I am not sorry for that.

The formula is so good. It gets totally opaque with just one layer and I have never really experienced that before. It is easy to paint with as well, although I do think that the brush is a little bit too long.

The color is a bright pink with silver microglitter which ends ups as a foil on the nails. In the bottle you can really see the silver because the silver and pink is not really mixed up. But when it gets on the nail they blend together and becomes a bright pink.
In daylight it is a bit matte, but when it gets darker it has a kind of fire glow. I love it.

Now I wish I would have bought all the colors from Nailgirls. Hmm, I think I will have to go back to London...

2 kommentarer:

  1. OMG! It almost looks like you minxed the nails! Amazing sheen!

    Expensive shipping but it seems like they ship internationally:

  2. You are right, it almost look like they are minxed.