17 december 2010

Maximum bling on my nails

Okey, this started as a normal manicure. I was home alone yesterday evening, no kids and no man and I had decided to take it easy. And that means paint my nails and read.

So first I painted my nails with a red-brown polish, but halfway through I felt that it was totally wrong. It wasn´t what I felt for at all. So I took it off and picked up my silver foil Shine from Orly. I love this polish. It has a good formula, easy to paint with (even though I do think that the brush is too thin) but it needs three layers to cover well.

So, okey, three layers later I wanted to bling it up a bit, even though my nails were shiny with the silver foil. So I took out Disco ball sparkle from OPI. I bought this in London last year and it has small glitter and bigger holographic glitters in a clear base. So I painted three layers with that too because you don´t get so much glitter with each layer. Then I put on two layers of top coat and went to the sofa to read.

But then I started to think. Don't I have holographich stars somewhere? Wouldn't it be cool to cover the whole nail with them? I found them, small stars from the Swedish make up brand Face. They are actually ment for your face but works good on the nails.

So I put on another layer of Disco ball sparkle and pressed down star stars all over the nails. Then I covered it with one layer of Top coat from OPI and two layers of Seche vite to make sure that the stars stay in place.

I am really satisfied with the result. With all that clear polish it almost looks like the stars are floating around.

So, with base coat I now have about 13 layers of polish on my nails. And lots of stars and glitter. I am never gonna get it off, but hey, my nails do sparkle now!

8 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, verkligen discokula i nagelformat! Åh, vilka härliga bilder, jag måste nog plocka fram något silvrigt själv...

  2. Tack! Jag är supernöjd med de här naglarna.

  3. Riktigt fint slutresultat! Jag tror nog att du kan pilla bort alla lagren i ett sjok när det väl ska av. Annars har Sephora börjat med ett Express Nail Polish Remover. Det är en dip in utan aceton och parabens och funkar hur bra som helst. Nu finns det väl ingen Sephora i Sverige än, men när det gör det testa denna produkt!

  4. Wow, galet snyggt! Vilken bra idé med stjärnorna. :-)

  5. Petra: Jag fick bort det med hjälp av en dip in remover från Depend som finnshär i Sverige. Det tog inte så lång tid faktiskt, men då hjälpte jag också till och pilla lite.

    Nailtastic: Tack!

    Solensdanserinde: Thank you!

  6. I've have similar little stars for my nails I bought when I was 13 years old! I typically put them on my toes since I used to only go out for manicures, and they help keep the polish on longer if you place on nail corners especially (creates buffer). A little jar lasts a long time...

  7. Kendra, that is a good idea to make your manicure last longer. I think what I did would have lasted long too thanks to the stars.