13 december 2010

OPI I want to be a-lone star

After a weekend without any polish at all on my nails, coughing and walking around in sweat pants, I am now back on track and have painted my nails ice blue. The polish I have on is one of the polishes from the upcoming summer collection from OPI, named Texas.

Maybe it is the snow we are covered in in Sweden at the moment, but I think this polish gives me a winter feeling. It is very light blue, with a subtle shimmer. I like it even if it is not a wow-color. I think it would look good though to have under the light glitter blue polish Last Friday night from the Katy Perry collection.

What I don't like though is the formula. It is streaky and not easy to paint with because of it. I hate it when polishes get streaky. To make it okey it takes three layers but now I see that I could have needed a fourth.

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