24 november 2010

OPI Last Friday night

The thing I like about glitter polishes is that they turn the nails into little jewels and I like wearing it no mather what I am doing: work or party.

Last Friday night from OPIs Katy Perry collection looks like a really bright blue in the bottle. The base is a clear light blue and got lots of blue, silver and turqoise glitter. Really pretty. But it is thin though. And when I start painting with it it doesn´t take long before I realise that this is a polish for layering. After five layers I have a surface I am satisfied with even if I still have a visible nail line. But I can accept this.
I might not always have the patience for five layers, so I think I will use this for layering. I have a blue polish from Essie, it is called Aruba, that I must try this on.

The color on the nail though is no where near the bottle colour. On the nail it ends up as a light blue with a feeling of silver, very winter but also a glitter suitable for the summer I think.

It was easy to paint with, so no complains there.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I thought it doesn't come out till jan??
    it's so pretty i wanan go get one now...^^

  2. Oh I just got that in my mailbox.. I thought it would be more blue than it was. But still, it's pretty cute!