28 november 2010

China glaze Pink voltage

Yesterday I matched my nails with a dress and painted my nails neon pink. There is so much red around, with Christmas and all, so I wanted something totally opposite. Something that isn't Christmas, and a neon pink is so far away from Christmas I can think.

I bought Pink voltage from China glaze this summer but has actually not tried it until now. And I must say that it is very pink and looks best in day light. When it gets dark (which it becomes around three o'clock in the afternoon here in Sweden now) the color becomes kind of yellow. 
This is absolutely a color I want to wear on my toe nails this coming summer.

The formula is kind of streaky though and I need three layers to get a cover that looks good. But it works. 

Like all neons it dries matte so I top it with a coat of Seche vite.

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