27 november 2010

OPI Teenage dream

After coming to the conclusion that the blue glitter polish Last Friday night was best for layering I was expecting the same from the light pink Teenage dream from the upcoming Katy Perry collection from OPI.

But I was wrong. This polish works very well on its own, even if it do need three covers for full coverage. Then it gives you a light, pink, glitter explosion. The base is a pink clear and then it got pink micro glitter and bigger holo glitter. I really like it. It is very mild in the color, very sweet.

I think it also would be beautiful with only one layer over a sheer pink polish like Privacy please from OPI.

The fomula is a bit thick, a lot sticks to the brush. But it works, maybe because it a glitter polish.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Stunning !
    Your nails are lovely !
    Xx. S

  2. I love this polish, I just tried it for the first time lastnight and am in love with the sparkles! You have beautiful nails!