29 december 2010

Depend Cracked effect

Okey, it is hard to avoid this trend now with crackle polishes. Isadora has them and that has been a success, China glaze and OPI are coming with them and now Depend has created six different shades that are out in at least Swedish stores now, I bought mine in the supermarket Ica. I love that, some milk, bread, butter, and yeah, I need a nail polish as well.

Wll, I got the red Cracked effect from Depend, because I haven't seen red before. On the bottle it says that I should start with base coat and nail polish and then wait four minutes. So I did.
And then continue with the Cracked effect, wait two minutes and then put on top coat. And so I did.
I followed the instructions, several times actually, but I am not satisfied. First I tried it over a silver foil from Isadora, that didn't work at all, it was just a mess. Then I tried it over Black onyx from OPI. That didn't work either. The crackle polish made the OPI polish shrink as well, so much that I could see the nail.

Okey, what if I let the nail polish dry longer? Said and done. Now I put on an orange polish from OPI and let it dry for over twenty minutes, then I put on the Cracked effect. That worked better, but if I look closely I can still see some shrinkage with the orange polish.

You also have to be very quick with the Cracked effect, there is no time to correct. If you put on a thin layer you get more cracks than if you put on a thicker layer. To get it really red you have to put on a top coat, otherwise it is matte and pale. I do like the mix with red and orange though.

I am glad I didn't spend so much money on this.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Tråkigt att de inte verkar ha fått till formulan. Annars var kombon orange+rött väldigt snygg!

  2. Visst var den snygg. Orange och cerise skulle vara snyggt ihop också. Är nästan sugen på att köpa den lila cracked effect och testa ihop med turkos. Om det då inte vore för formulan.

  3. it looks good but it's a shame that it's not up to standard - it sounds like it's the look for 2011 but we'll all spend hours trying to make it look anything :-(

    Tracey x

  4. Yeah, it is a shame it didn't work so well. I recommend OPI Shatter polish instead that will come out in January, even if it is just in black.

  5. Had been reading your blog for a while now ever since you posted photos on the OPI facebook pages! Love every single entry, including the brown OPIs recently. I have OPI chocolate mousse on my nails now. hehe. Happy new Year Catharina! Great blog, keep it up! :D

    lots of love,

  6. Happy new year to you too Sandra! It makes me so happy what you wrote.
    If you want you can "like" Nails by Catharina on facebook.
    All the best to you!

  7. argh må tage til Malmø og finde dem. De kan ikke købes i Danmark endnu