14 december 2010

OPI Y'all come back ya here?

For a Swedish speaking person who learned most of its English in England, like me, it is not easy to pronounce the names of the polishes in the new Texas collection from OPI, because they sound best with a Texas accent. Or how would you say: Y'all come back ya here?

The Texas collection has six jelly polishes and this is actually the first time I am trying a jelly in the twenty years I have been painting my nails. I have been a bit suspicious before because I don´t usually like visible nail line.

The first one I am trying is the orange Y'all come back ya here? It is not a bright orange, instead it as hints of coral I think. I normally don't like bright oranges because they don't go with my skin tone, I am sooo pale. But this works a little better, even though it will work even better in the summer and not in a snowy winter land.

I like the jelly thing, it makes me think of candy, melted candy and I don't mind the visible nail line here. I like the glossy finish. I do need three layers though to get an even result. It is also a bit hard to make the polish stay at the end of the tips if you understand what I mean.

Well, it will be fun to try the rest of the jelly polishes from this collection.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Oh. I need to try it. an ogange that actually work on us white people. sounds great. :)

    and by the way I will teach you how to say it whit a texas accent. you will sound like a pro.

  2. Thank you Elin, I am looking forward to that!