4 december 2010

Pixi No. 15

The first London polish to be on my nails is the purple No. 15 from Pixi. Behind the brand Pixi are two Swedish sister's but you can't buy their make up here in Sweden. Too bad I think.

This polish is a purple neon. And yes, I know it looks pink on the photo, but it isn't. It was just really hard to capture its real color. But it is a rich, purple that is really nice. My nails glows with this on. Most neon dries matte but this doesn't, it fades a bit but it doesn't go totally matte. I want it glossy though so I top it with a coat of OPIs Top coat.

The fomula was a bit thin. It covers well with two layers but it is a bit runny. The brush is also a bit too long, which makes the polish drop from the brush. So you have to be alert there.

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