3 december 2010

Nail polish shopping in London

When in London, of course I had to take the chance to buy some polishes you don´t find so easy here in Sweden. Or not at all. I didn´t have much time to go shopping though, but thanks to finding a late night open Boots by Piccadilly circus and a quick visit to Selfridge's I came home with four polishes.

Nailgirls Pink no 12. This is a pink glitter with a lot of silver in it that I think will end up as a foil on the nail. I found this at Selfridge's, they just got the brand the day before so they couldn't tell me so much about it except that it is from New York.

Pixi no 15. Pixi is actually a make up brand made by some Swedish sisters living in London. We don't have the brand here in Sweden though so I buy it when I get the chance in London. This polish is a neon purple, although it looks a lot more pink on the photo than it is.

Illamasqua Eclipse. This is one of the winners from Illamasquas contest where you could have your dream color made. It is a mix between purple and blue. Very beautiful.

Nars Purple rain. This is one of Nars top sellers, a purple metallic with some pink in it. Very nice. It was love at first sight so I hope it turns out as good on the nail.

Well, that's all. I saw at least ten more polishes but I didn't have the time to decide. Now I just bought the ones that my heart fell for at once.

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