27 december 2010

OPI San tan-tonio and Suzy loves cowboys

Okey, brown is not a color I usually like on my nails. My eyes are always drawn to bright colors like red, purple and pink. And some grey and silver. And everything that glitters. So the two brown shades San tan-tonio and Suzy loves cowboys from the Texas collection aren't any who catches my heart at once. But, lets give them a try.

San tan-tonio is a light, beige brown creme polish which I am sorry to say that I don't like. On me the nails looks discolored with this on, not pretty at all. The formula is really good though. With two layers it is opaque.

I like the dark brown Suzy loves cowboys much more. It is a dark chocolate brown that actually looks nice.  This I could wear, especially if I am matching it with my clothes somehow. The formula here was very good as well and I just needed two layers.

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