28 september 2011

News from Models own

Look at these. Models own is in November coming with a collection called Beetlejuice, five multitonal shades. Each shade is made from four colors blended together.

The colors are (descriptions from Models own):

Golden green. A fresh energetic acid.
Pinky brown. A warm rusty pink.
Purple blue. A vibrant punch of fuchsia indigo.
Aqua violet. A true sky shimmer.
Emerald black. A bold-blackened midnight peacock.

I think they all look fantastic, but I really want to get Purple blue, Aqua violet and Emerald black. You?

4 kommentarer:

  1. Ohh, vilka läckra lack. Jag vill ha alla :)

  2. Cool - I'd love to get my hands on Purple blue, Aqua violet and Emerald black. :)

  3. Å vad snygga de ser ut, jag måste ha allihop!