22 september 2011

Depend 258

The first polish I am trying from the Swedish brand Depend's fall collection is number 258. This is a mild purple-grey polish with a frost finish. And it dries matte. I didn't expect that!

The color is quite nice, it is sophisticated and safe. You can't go wrong when wearing a color like this.

The formula though is a bit thick and it is hard to get an even result. It covers well, one layer is almost enough but I take two.

                                                                        With top coat.

                                                                        Matte finish.

With top coat and sun.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Of all the brands your're trying on, which ones would you recommend regarding how long they'll last and still looking good?

  2. Nails by Catharinatorsdag, 22 september, 2011

    I would say OPI, that lasts the best according to my experience. But also Models own, Orly and Isadora are quite good. To make a polish last longer use base coat and top coat. And wear gloves when you are doing the dishes!

  3. Maybe a maid or a butler would do the trick for me :-)

  4. Kristina, hon får ha en kurs med oss :)

  5. Vicktoria: Gärna! Kom hem till mig. Lite vin och nagellacksmålning. Eller bullar och nagellacksmålning. Jag längtar efter att baka bullar.