3 september 2011

Oh no!!!

My nails are short again. When I took of my polish off I discovered a crack on one of the nails and since I knew it was going to brake totally I decided to file them all down. I always do that because I want all my nails to have the same length. If you look carefully you can see a little of the crack on my nail, I couldn't file them shorter.

But I miss my long nails, I had planned a really nice manicure for tonight, and now I have to come up with something else. So, think, think, think.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I understand you!!The same same thing happened to me and I´m very sad :(, but at least we have the consolation that the nails grow again ;)


  2. I brake for manicures jinxed you ;) they will grow back, but I also hate when that happens. how about essie Knockout Pout, I've been waiting to see that one swatched

  3. Hopefully they will grow out soon. At least I hope, I think I might have to keep them short for a while becasue there is still a crack. Well, well...