27 september 2011

Fall trends from Isadora

The Swedish make up brand Isadora has a trendcollection that they keep updating through the seasons. The other day eight of their new polishes landed in my mailbox for the fall and winter. Or well, one of them I have seen before. Red Alert has been in a trend collection before, but it is a good color so why not keep it in there?

I think they all look good in their bottles, all are colors I want to wear, and that is not so often that happens. I hope they turn out as good on the nail.

To be seen on my nails soon...

                 Red alert, brick red, Cherise, Crème de la crème.

Chateau grey, Metal mauve, Moroccan blue, Beetle green.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Is there any way to purchase Isadora in the US? Ive tried to find Power Pink for months and I cant. Is Cherise a dupe for Power Pink? I cant wait to see it on you!

  2. Nails by Catharinatisdag, 27 september, 2011

    Marketta: I don't think you can buy Isadora in the US but I will check it up for you. Cherise and Power pink are not dupes, but they are similar.

  3. Ok, thanks that would be great. There are a lot of polishes that I love that you have there that I can't get and I am sure that it is vice versa for you, maybe we can keep an eye out for each other :) . Sorry for the switch up, I'm setting up so that all of my blog stuff is together (different email and all)and not mixed with personal.