13 september 2011

Thank you to all my readers!

Since I started this blog I have had readers from 166 countries. People in USA, France, China, Kasakstan, Belarus, Brazil, Peru, Canada, UK, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Egypt, Australia, Thailand, Cambodja, India, Oman, Jordan, Morocco...the list is long, reads my blog.
And I am very grateful for that.
Thank you.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Thank you for showing us such beautiful glazes with which surprise us every day. Good job!

  2. UK here! I'm a Nail blogger too, check mine out at


    -Please follow me too, I'd love that, as I really like your site, I've followed your work since you started!

    :) x Hannah (London-Lacquer)

  3. Now you've had a reader from Denmark too. :)
    I've just started my own nail blog up, on www.rainbowifyme.blogspot.com, in case anyone is interested.